Biosimilar Biological Products

Biosimilar Biological Products,

What Does Biosimilar Biological Products Mean?

  • Biologically, it is not medically different from FDA-approved products.

Literal Meanings of Biosimilar Biological Products


Meanings of Biosimilar:
  1. Indicates or refers to biopharmaceuticals whose active properties are similar to those of legitimate drugs.

  2. Biological medicine.

Sentences of Biosimilar
  1. Photocopier machine manufacturers use research data from innovators to create biosimilars


Meanings of Biological:
  1. With reference to biology or biology.

  2. Genetically related to blood (from human family members).

  3. Biological therapies, such as vaccines or medicines.

Sentences of Biological
  1. IBM embarked on an ambitious initiative to develop technologies with basic biological capabilities, such as biology.

  2. Biological rights

  3. An international biotechnology company interested in biological, agricultural and pharmaceutical products

Synonyms of Biological

biotic, living, organic, biologic


Meanings of Products:
  1. Goods or clothes that are manufactured or better for sale.

  2. Anything or person that is the result of an action or action.

  3. Multiply the amount or the amount obtained from a similar algebraic operation.

Sentences of Products
  1. the meal

  2. Your lifelong copper is the result of solarium

  3. The total claimed in the service order is 63 hours, and the amount charged is a product of the amount which is many times the current rate.

Synonyms of Products

issue, unit, piece of merchandise, product, artefact, effect, item, result, spin-off, object, consequence, fruit, commodity, legacy, by-product, outcome, upshot, thing