Definition of Biodiesel:

  1. Biodiesel is a type of combustible fuel made from organic oils, such as vegetable oil. It is viewed by many as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum.

  2. Fuel that is made from natural elements such as plants, vegetables, and reusable materials. This type of fuel is better for the atmosphere because, unlike other fuels, it does not give off harmful chemicals which can influence the environment negatively. The popularity of biodiesel fuel is consistently increasing as people search out alternative energy resources.

  3. A biofuel intended as a substitute for diesel.

  4. Since the passage of the Energy Policy Act in 2005, the use and production of biofuels has been increasing in the United States. Common applications include its use as a vehicle fuel, aircraft fuel, and heating oil.

How to use Biodiesel in a sentence?

  1. Biodiesel is a type of alternative fuel made by combining alcohol with vegetable oil.
  2. Advocates of biodiesel cite its contributions to environmental sustainability, while its critics point to its potentially disruptive effect on global food production.
  3. It can be used as an energy source for vehicles and industrial applications, both alongside or as a replacement to traditional petroleum products.
  4. Another interesting aspect to this issue is the desire by many in Australia to address this themselves by producing an alternative form of diesel fuel known as bio-diesel.

Meaning of Biodiesel & Biodiesel Definition