Definition of Billion:

  1. The number equivalent to the product of a thousand and a million; 1,000,000,000 or 10⁹.

  2. Numerical number identified by the presence of nine zeros behind a number. A billion may also be represented by the letter B after a number. In 2007, Warren Buffetts estimated net worth totaled 52 billion ($52B)..

Synonyms of Billion

A billion, A crore, A lakh, A million, A myriad, A nonillion, A quadrillion, A thousand, A zillion, Astronomical number, Googol, Googolplex, Infinitude, Infinity, Jillion, Large number, Milliard, Trillion, Zillion, Multitude, A great number, A great quantity, A large number, A large quantity, A lot, Scores, Quantities, Mass, Crowd, Throng, Host, Droves, Horde, Army, Legion, Sea, Swarm

How to use Billion in a sentence?

  1. A world population of over 6 billion.

Meaning of Billion & Billion Definition