Definition of Billing:

  1. Process of generating an invoice to recover sales price from the customer. Also called Invoicing. See also billings.

  2. The fact of being advertised or publicized in a particular way.

  3. The process of making out or sending invoices.

How to use Billing in a sentence?

  1. They can justify their billing as the American League favorites.
  2. In my job, I was in charge of billing people who bought some items from us and make sure they paid on time.
  3. I called the phone company to discuss my billing history and why I owe them so much money for my past phone usage.
  4. Faster, more accurate order fulfillment and billing.
  5. There is nothing that I hate more than going to the mail box and seeing wave after wave of billing letters flooding my receptacle. Just thinking about seeing all those numbers and money owed makes me dizzy.

Meaning of Billing & Billing Definition