Billing Address Meaning

Billing Address Meaning

What does the company understand by charging for direction?

Unless you are ordering items from the company you work for, leave the field blank.

For example, you work for a local Starb and need to buy a mug. So they want to fill the Starbus Cup, not you personally. Therefore, the shipping address will be Starbus headquarters, but the shipping address will be Starbus for which you work, not your home address.

Otherwise (you can buy as you wish), leave the company line blank. In general, you will see a checkbox indicating that you should use your shipping address as your shipping address so that you do not have to re-enter it.

Don't explain anything

This line is only available when you are a company and you have the name of the company to which you are shipping.

Leave it blank except for your company. Then enter your company name here.

Billing Address Meaning