Definition of Bill:

  1. Make a list of (individuals or events) in a program.

  2. The bill was introduced in Parliament for debate.

  3. Legislation bills (parliamentary laws) that need to be passed by the legislature and signed by the head of state (for example, the president).

  4. A modified exchange bill, which is an order from one party to another to pay a certain amount on a particular date.

  5. Observe the paper money sheet.

  6. Names of Exchange Bills, Leading Bills or Leading Bills.

  7. Short-term expiration date, which is the amount paid in connection with securities trading.

  8. Amount owed for goods or services, as stated in the printed or written expense report

  9. Poster or brochure

  10. Documents proving the debt of one party to the other party, e.g. B. Invoice

  11. Entertainment programs, especially in theaters.

  12. Send expense reports to (someone).

Phonetic Pronunciation of Bill


Origin of word Bill

Old English bil, of West Germanic origin; related to German Bille ‘axe’.

Synonyms of Bill

Maturity, Deposition, List of agenda, Post, Playbill, Edict, Menu, Listing, Warrant, Shinplaster, Program of operation, Bank acceptance, Damage, Letter of credit, Preview, Schedule, Score, IOU, Account, Exchequer bill, Scenarize, Demand bill, List of charges, Act, Unfulfilled pledge, Slate, Snout, Account, Dictate, Head, Note, Checkbook, Debenture, Obligation, Draft law, Allegation, Question, Prescription, Send an invoice to, Smeller, Amount due, Write up, Companion bills amendment, Legislation, Accounts receivable, Promissory note, Motion, MO, Blackmail, Exhibition, Reef, Rule, Banknote, Smacker, Open, Lex, Promote, Indebtment, CD, Legal-tender note, Statute, Nares, Rider, Program, Delta, Stage, Paper money, Prospectus, Sandspit, Pledge, Government note, Tribute, Paper, Ordinance, Demand draft, Stipend, Sight bill, Publicize, Books, Jaws, Try out, Enactment, Flesh show, Statement of facts, Present, Footing, Muffle, Formulary, Money order, Headline, Time draft, Promontory, Formula, Carte du jour, Dragnet clause, Bill of complaint, Call, Roster, Post up, Muzzle, Fiat money, Banknote, Trade acceptance, Reckoning, Tabulation, Hush money, Cry up, Itemized bill, Melodramatize, Standing order, Premiere, Presentation, List, Iron man, Handbill, Breakwater, Puff, National bank note, Bank note, Produce, Show, Mull, Draft, Saving clause, Nose, Swan song, Escalator clause, Theatricalize, National debt, Trunk, Treasury note, Batting order, Flop, Nozzle, Fee, Charge, Liability, Fish, Bill of account, Be a gas, Canon, Check, Formality, Call in, Headland, Send a statement to, Ness, Certificate, Nib, Theatrical performance, Proviso, Peninsula, Sell, Dollar bill, Protocol, Regulation, Treasury bill, Advertise, Acceptance bill, Initiation fee, Put up in lights, Allowance, Set the stage, Negotiable note, Law, Book, Tally, Farewell performance, Boost, Floating debt, Invoice, Ledger, Poster, Debit, Nostrils, Line-up, Conk, Beak, Foreland, Frogskin, Due bill, Pecker, Naze, Programme, Public notice, Scrip, Dues, Complaint, Cape, Borrowing, Announce, Chits, Form, Fail, Nonsuit, Invoice, Dramatize, Succeed, Circularize, Bad debts, Lineup, Calendar, Funded debt, Plug, Press-agent, Blood money, Proposal, Dun, Proposed legislation, Claim, Measure, Neb, Negotiable instrument, Entertainment, Voucher, Send a statement, Tally, Docket, Chersonese, Promote, Retaining fee, Bills, Decree, Benefit, Bill of fare, Advertisement, Blank check, Cheque, Time bill, Invoice, Advertise, Statement, Prescript, Olfactory organ, Make a hit, Certified check, Establish, Nolle prosequi, Tongue, Post, Post bills, Budget, Star, Production, Demand payment, Enacting clause, Stage presentation, Accounts payable, Presentment, Give a write-up, Open a show, Bank check, Beezer, Hook, Privileged question, Charge, Measure, Mount, Indebtedness, Federal Reserve note, Note of hand, Spiel, Line up, Spit, Bulletin, Declaration, Manifest, Postal order, Assessment, Card, Exhibit, Outstanding debt, Fractional note, Proboscis, Financial commitment, Antlia, Uncollectibles, Announcement, Affidavit, Buck, Debt, Hold-up bill, Rhinarium, Note, Sight draft, Peak, Give publicity, Tryout, Institution, Joker, Bomb, Statement, Give advance notice of, Bill of lading, Debut, Bill of exchange, Bugle, Programme of entertainment, Ruling, Put on, Commercial paper, Clause, Placard, Ordonnance, Coral reef, Folding money, Ballyhoo, Public debt, Feature, Charges, Due, Narratio, Libel, Jus, Carte, Rostrum, Agenda, Emolument, Bone, Assignat, Affiche, Scot, Bill of draft, Bark, Point, Blueprint, Programma, Skin, Be a hit, Rubric, Bylaw, Certificate of deposit, Dictation, Performance, Acceptance, Snoot, Mileage, Spur, Schnozzle, Omnibus bill, Tab, Build up, Retainer

How to use Bill in a sentence?

  1. Debate on civil rights law.
  2. Circus organizers issue bills across the city.
  3. The grocery bill was 17.
  4. I had to send a handwritten invoice to the owner so that we could submit to the contractor on time.
  5. He runs the famous Woodall House in America.
  6. Bill arrived at the table where the family was sitting, it was a very large group, so at the end of the bill the total amount of the remaining amount was calculated because of this tip.
  7. I will send a bill to pay my medical bills, if we get hurt because you are so crazy.
  8. Tendon beak
  9. He was accused of attending, but did not appear.
  10. We will calculate the loss to you.

Meaning of Bill & Bill Definition