Bill of sale

Bill of sale,

Definition of Bill of sale:

  1. A bill of sale is a document that details in writing a sale of goods or transfer of property from one party to another. A bill of sale serves as legal evidence that full consideration has been provided in a transaction and that the seller has transferred the rights to the assets detailed in the bill of sale to the buyer.

  2. A certificate of transfer of personal property.

  3. Document (such as an invoice) by which ownership (title) of goods or property is transferred. If the transfer is contingent on a happening (as in a mortgage bill of sale) it is called a conditional bill of sale.

  4. A bill of sale can be quite complex or quite simple—depending on the type of transaction. A typical retail purchase receipt can be considered a bill of sale, as it details the specific goods that have been sold to the buyer and the specific price that was agreed to and paid for each. For example, the holder of a futures contract is generally given a delivery instrument, which acts as a bill of sale, in that it can be exchanged for the underlying asset when the futures contract expires.

How to use Bill of sale in a sentence?

  1. The wife has produced no documentation such as a bill of sale or a transfer of title document to confirm the alleged sale price of $12, 000.00.
  2. After Nancy came in the the car dealership and bought a new car, she completed the down payment transaction, getting a bill of sale afterward.
  3. It was a good thing Carol kept her bill of sale because she needed it to return the product she bought when she found out it was broken after she opened it.
  4. A bill of sale is a legally recognized documented record of a transaction.
  5. Today, bill of sale is commonly used when transferring title to property from one person to another.
  6. The bill of sale was referenced in the appearance with the court yesterday and the judge approved of our request.
  7. A bill of sale may take the form of absolute or conditional depending on the terms therein.

Meaning of Bill of sale & Bill of sale Definition

Bill Of Sale,

What is The Definition of Bill Of Sale?

  • Property Legal documents for the purchase of immovable property and other property that specify the purchase, location and purchase price.

Literal Meanings of Bill Of Sale


Meanings of Bill:
  1. Amount owed for the goods or services provided, as stated in the printed or written expense report.

  2. The bill was introduced in Parliament for debate

  3. Entertainment programs, especially in theaters.

  4. Observe the paper money sheet.

  5. Poster or brochure

  6. Make a list of (individuals or events) in a program.

  7. Send expense reports to (someone)

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  10. Medieval weapons were like spears with thorns, not swords.

Sentences of Bill
  1. The grocery bill was 17

  2. Debate on the Civil Rights Act

  3. He runs America's most important voodoo house

  4. Tendon nipple

  5. Circus organizers are doing math everywhere

  6. He was accused of coming, but he did not show up.

Synonyms of Bill

put up in lights, list, banknote, programme of entertainment, proposed legislation, announce, tally, public notice, promote, account, send a statement to, line-up, draft law, advertise, note, post, programme, poster, advertisement, give advance notice of, debit, invoice, list of charges, send an invoice to, statement, listing


Meanings of Of:
  1. Indicates an association between two entities, usually an association body.

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Synonyms of Of

caused by, of, done by, made by, in, by, carried out by, from


Meanings of Sale:
  1. To exchange something for money is to sell something.

  2. The period of time during which retailers sell products at a discount.

Sentences of Sale
  1. We sell

  2. sell out

Synonyms of Sale

selling, transaction, disposal, deal, bargain, vending

Bill Of Sale,

What is Bill Of Sale?

  • Definition of Bill Of Sale: Legal documents or other purchase lists for the purchase of goods, where and at what price.

Literal Meanings of Bill Of Sale


Meanings of Bill:
  1. Print or written statement of amount due for goods or services.

  2. The bill will be tabled in Parliament for debate.

  3. Entertainment program in the theater or cinema.

  4. Posters or flyers

  5. List a person or event in a program.

  6. The beak of a bird, especially if it belongs to a thin, flat, weak, or swimming bird or a family of pigeons.

  7. The top of the anchor hole.

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Sentences of Bill
  1. Food bill £ 17.

  2. Debate on civil rights law

  3. It made headlines at the Premier Variety House in the United States.

  4. Muscle beak

  5. Work hard to post invoices for poster and sticker campaigns.

  6. He was accused of appearing but not appearing.

  7. We will compensate for the losses incurred.

  8. Portland Note

Synonyms of Bill

Act of Parliament, flyer, leaflet, shot, proposal, amount due, peninsula, headland, beak, affiche, cape, timetable, tab, tongue, measure, mull, circular, check, naze, ness, mandibles, reckoning, bill of fare, announcement, handout, fly-poster, head, playbill


Meanings of Of:
  1. Expresses the relationship between part and whole.

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Sentences of Of
  1. North of Watford


Meanings of Sale:
  1. Exchange of goods for sale.

  2. The length of time a store or retailer sells a product at a discount.

Sentences of Sale
  1. We quit selling

  2. January sales will begin this week.

Synonyms of Sale

dealing, trading, bargaining