Bill Of Exchange

Bill Of Exchange,

What is The Meaning of Bill Of Exchange?

  • A bill of exchange is a written order used primarily in international trade, in which one party has to pay a certain amount to another on request or on a certain date. Money orders are like checks and promissory notes: they can be issued by individuals or banks and are usually transferred to the register.

    • A bill of exchange is a written order in which one party requests or pays a fixed amount to the other party at a later date.
    • The bill of exchange usually consists of three parts: the drawer is the party that pays the money, the recipient receives the money, and the consumer is the person who forces the recipient to pay the recipient. ۔
    • Bill exchange is used in international trade to facilitate importers and exporters in completing transactions.
    • Although the bill of exchange is not an agreement in itself, it allows the parties involved to determine the terms of the transaction. B. Loan terms and interest rate accrued.

  • Bill Of Exchange can be defined as, Paying a certain amount is an unconditional order and includes the name of the person or company to which a certain amount must be paid.

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Meanings of Bill:
  1. Amount owed for the goods or services provided, as stated in the printed or written expense report.

  2. The bill was introduced in Parliament for debate.

  3. Entertainment programs, especially in theaters.

  4. Banknotes, banknotes

  5. Poster or brochure

  6. Make a list of (individuals or events) in a program.

  7. Send expense reports to (someone)

  8. The beak of a bird, especially if it belongs to a bird of the pigeon family that is thin, flat, weak, or has legs in a spider's web.

  9. (Birds, especially pigeons) raise their beaks with their beaks while patrolling the yard.

  10. Medieval weapons were like spears with thorns, not swords.

Sentences of Bill
  1. The grocery bill was 17

  2. Debate on the Civil Rights Act

  3. He runs one of America's most important voodoo houses

  4. Tendon nipple

  5. Circus organizers issue bills across the city.

  6. He was accused of attending, but did not show up.

Synonyms of Bill

invoice, listing, measure, account, public notice, proposal, charge, programme of entertainment, statement, post, advertise, draft law, give advance notice of, send an invoice to, debit, programme, tally, advertisement, announce, proposed legislation, beak, list of charges, line-up


Meanings of Of:
  1. Indicates an association between two entities, usually an association.

  2. Express the relationship between a general type or type and the specific items that fall into this category.

Sentences of Of
  1. Glad you asked

Synonyms of Of

caused by, in, carried out by, of, done by, made by, by, from


Meanings of Exchange:
  1. The act of giving and receiving in return to another person (especially of the same nature or value).

Sentences of Exchange
  1. Ultimately, negotiations led to an exchange of land for peace.

Synonyms of Exchange

trade-off, swap, barter, switch, trading, trade, trafficking, swapping, change, traffic, interchange, giving and taking, reciprocity, bandying