Bilateral Condition

Bilateral Condition,

What is The Meaning of Bilateral Condition?

There are two medical conditions that can affect any part of your pet's body, such as: B. Conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis.

Literal Meanings of Bilateral Condition


Meanings of Bilateral:
  1. Belonging to or relating to both sides that affects both parties.

  2. Involvement of two parties, mainly from the state.

Sentences of Bilateral
  1. Bilateral agreement with Japan


Meanings of Condition:
  1. The condition of an object in terms of appearance, quality or operational condition.

  2. The health or physical condition of a person or animal.

  3. Illness or other medical condition.

  4. A special situation.

  5. Status or social status.

  6. An important factor or situation that affects process performance or outcomes.

  7. Weather, land, sea or weather conditions prevail at any time, especially if it is a sporting event.

  8. A condition that must exist or exist before anything else is possible or allowed

Sentences of Condition
  1. The bridge is in a very dangerous condition.

  2. On Monday, another hurricane left the university parking lot in a state of extreme uncertainty and uncertainty.

  3. Parts of the road are in a very dangerous condition, especially since older people use them more.

  4. An inspection after another expert mini-workshop revealed that the car was in a very dangerous condition.

  5. The 6 cm high milling machine leaves the paddocks in good condition to produce standard grass for future work.

  6. Less than 2% of marine flats on the Chapman and Greenf rivers are considered to be in excellent condition.

Synonyms of Condition

rule, health, place, requirement, problem, tone up, season, station, illness, upset, acclimatize, infirmity, tone, get something into shape, determine, fettle, process, environment, scene, affliction, precondition, malaise, footing