Bikeshed Colour Effect/colour Of The Bikeshed Law/the Bicycle Shed Law/parkinson's Law Of Triviality

Bikeshed Colour Effect/colour Of The Bikeshed Law/the Bicycle Shed Law/parkinson's Law Of Triviality,

Definition of Bikeshed Colour Effect/colour Of The Bikeshed Law/the Bicycle Shed Law/parkinson's Law Of Triviality:

  1. It was actually a concept or law that C. Northcott Parkinson in his book (1957/8) Parkinson's Law: Achieving Progress, which itself gives Parkinson's law Trevia's revised law was popularized in 1999 by a computer developer, Paul Henning Cam, who actually mistakenly called it the Bike Shade Color Effect. Basically, the law states that individuals in organizations (due to human nature and organizational behavior) should try to increase minor influence, especially personal influence, while ignoring very serious matters. Waste disproportionate time and effort. Important because they are serious to solve. It is more difficult to understand and therefore affect it. See Parkinson's Law and Parkinson's Trivia Law for more information on bikini color and its derivatives.

Literal Meanings of Bikeshed Colour Effect/colour Of The Bikeshed Law/the Bicycle Shed Law/parkinson's Law Of Triviality


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