Big Bang

Big Bang,

What is The Meaning of Big Bang?

  • Definition of Big Bang: This happened on 27 October 1986, when the London Stock Exchange underwent a major technological change to replace the manual system with an electronic process.

Literal Meanings of Big Bang


Meanings of Big:
  1. Rent or suggest something.

  2. Major leagues in professional sports.

  3. Adequate size, range or intensity.

  4. Very important or serious.

  5. Selfless.

Sentences of Big
  1. Big brown eyes

  2. That's a good decision

Synonyms of Big

caring, compassionate, significant, key, sizeable, monstrous, magnanimous, lift up, dignify, loving, of moment, critical, ennoble, vast, selfless, prodigious, far-reaching, generous, increase, unselfish, altruistic, substantial, boost, stupendous, kind-hearted, kind, Brobdingnagian, exalt, grave


Meanings of Bang:
  1. Suddenly a loud noise.

  2. The veil of hair was cut on his forehead.

  3. An act or matter of sexual act.

  4. Character "!" Exclamation mark.

  5. It is used to display or mimic sudden loud noises.

  6. It is used to express sudden action or action.

  7. Hit or crush (something) hard and hard.

  8. Having sex with (someone).

  9. Cut (hair) in the fridge.

  10. (Music) has a strong, powerful beat that is perfect for dancing.

  11. all right

Sentences of Bang
  1. Suddenly the door closed

  2. He pushed back his delicate pony

  3. Fireworks exploded

  4. As soon as something gets old, let's go

  5. He started hitting the table with his fist

Synonyms of Bang

exactly, immediately, abruptly, pop, buffet, thud, strike, all of a sudden, slam, dead, straight away, clap, just, peal, crack, right, clash, bump, in a trice, promptly, crash, smack, beat, hammer, pound, thwack, instantaneously, squarely, clunk