Definition of Biennial:

  1. An event celebrated or taking place every two years.

  2. (especially of a plant) living or lasting for two years.

  3. A plant that takes two years to grow from seed to fruition and die.

  4. Issued or occurring once every two years, such as the publication of a periodical or holding of an election. See also biennium.

  5. Taking place every other year.

Synonyms of Biennial

Amphibian, Angiosperm, Anniversary, Annual, Annual holiday, Aquatic plant, Biannual, Bicentenary, Bicentennial, Bimonthly, Birthday, Bissextile day, Biweekly, Catamenial, Centenary, Centennial, Commemoration, Cosmopolite, Cutting, Daily, Decennial, Deciduous plant, Diamond jubilee, Dicot, Dicotyledon, Diurnal, Ephemeral, Evergreen, Exotic, Flowering plant, Fortnightly, Fungus, Gametophyte, Golden wedding anniversary, Gymnosperm, Hebdomadal, Holy days, Hourly, Hydrophyte, Immovable feast, Jubilee, Leap year, Menstrual, Momentary, Momently, Monocot, Monocotyl, Monthly, Name day, Natal day, Octennial, Perennial, Plant, Polycot, Polycotyl, Polycotyledon, Quadrennial, Quarterly, Quasquicentennial, Quincentenary, Quincentennial, Quinquennial, Quotidian, Secular, Seed plant, Seedling, Semestral, Semiannual, Semimonthly, Semiweekly, Semiyearly, Septennial, Sesquicentennial, Sextennial, Silver wedding anniversary, Spermatophyte, Sporophyte, Tercentenary, Tercentennial, Tertian, Thallophyte, Tricennial, Triennial, Vascular plant, Vegetable, Wedding anniversary, Weed, Weekly, Yearly

How to use Biennial in a sentence?

  1. The top antiques fairs are the Milan and Florence biennials.
  2. Italian ryegrass, a biennial species, also may be used to increase productivity of older stands.
  3. Plant out hardy biennials such as foxgloves and wallflowers in their flowering positions.
  4. Summit meetings are normally biennial.

Meaning of Biennial & Biennial Definition