Bid-offer Spread

Bid-offer Spread,

What is The Meaning of Bid-offer Spread?

  1. The price of buying (offering) and selling (offering) stocks, bonds, or currencies. Spread is the difference between the two prices.

Literal Meanings of Bid-offer Spread


Meanings of Bid:
  1. Bid (a specific price) for something, especially at auction.

  2. Bid prices, especially at auction.

  3. Say hello or say goodbye

  4. Order or command to do something (to someone).

Sentences of Bid
  1. A consortium of retailers offers a world record price for tobacco

  2. Some buyers bid on Van Gogh sketches

  3. Opportunity to say goodbye to your president

  4. I did what he told me to do

Synonyms of Bid

call upon, wish, proffer, propose, proposal, demand, offer, tender, advance, enjoin, instruct, tell, command, put in a bid of, submission, put up, require, order, charge, put forward, make an offer of, direct, submit


Meanings of Offer:
  1. Introduce or offer (someone) to accept (someone) or reject it.

  2. Express a desire to do or give something when asked.

Sentences of Offer
  1. May I buy you a drink?

  2. Mallory accepted the offer to buy him a drink

Synonyms of Offer

overture, present, proposal, proffer, give, proposition, render, provide, tender, submit, suggest, put forward, propound, recommend, extend, come up with, suggestion, submission, approach, propose, advance


Meanings of Spread:
  1. Expand (slightly) to increase its area, width, or length.

  2. Spread over a large or growing area.

  3. Apply (substance) evenly on an object or surface.

  4. Set up a table for dinner.

  5. The reality or process of spreading in an area.

  6. Area, width, or area covered by an object.

  7. The range or variety of something.

  8. A soft paste that can be applied as a topping to bread or other foods.

  9. An article or advertisement that covers several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially one of the two opposite pages.

Sentences of Spread
  1. I spread the towel on the sand and sat down

  2. He stood by the window and watched the city spread out below.

  3. Sigh, spread the jelly on the cross

  4. High temperatures can help reduce the spread of the disease

  5. Male horns can grow up to two meters in length

  6. Different ages

  7. Spread less fat

Synonyms of Spread

spread, spectrum, pâté, unroll, cover, development, banquet, extension, daub, expansion, buildout, sweep, proliferate, widen, escalation, advance, open out, expand, lay out, increase, proliferation, advancement, throw, mushrooming, escalate, smear, broaden, develop, large meal, range