Bid Deducts

Bid Deducts,

Bid Deducts: What is the Meaning of Bid Deducts?

  1. Sometimes referred to as an insurance loan, this is the amount that the contractor deducts from the contract price when a comprehensive insurance program is provided for a project.

Literal Meanings of Bid Deducts


Meanings of Bid:
  1. Bid (a specific price) for something, especially at auction.

  2. Bid prices, especially at auction.

  3. Saying (salam or farewell) a.

  4. Order or command to do something (to someone).

Sentences of Bid
  1. A consortium of retailers offers a world record price for tobacco

  2. Some buyers bid on Van Gogh sketches

  3. Opportunity to say goodbye to your president

  4. I did what he told me to do

Synonyms of Bid

instruct, put forward, proposal, charge, enjoin, call upon, direct, submit, propose, put in a bid of, make an offer of, tender, proffer, submission, wish, command, require, advance, order, put up


Meanings of Deducts:
  1. Minus or minus

Sentences of Deducts
  1. Taxes withheld

Synonyms of Deducts

take off, debit, take away, subtract, remove, discount, withdraw, dock, take from, abstract