Definition of Bias:

  1. In some sports, such as grass bowling, the shape of the ball is irregular.

  2. Stable voltage, magnetic field or other factors are applied to a system or electronic device to operate it within the default range.

  3. Trends or priorities influencing the decision should be balanced or neutral. Prejudice is the prejudice that is in the relationship.

  4. Statistics: Systemic data errors due to the characteristics of the process used in data creation, collection, manipulation and presentation, or due to incorrect design of the sampling of estimation techniques.

  5. Identify trends.

  6. Prejudice against or against something, person or another person, usually in a way that is considered unfair.

  7. Prejudice is an irrational preference or prejudice. It is primarily human and, since investors are human, they too can be affected. Psychologists have identified more than a dozen types of bias, and some or all of them can hurt investor judgment.

  8. Prejudices are irrational beliefs or beliefs that undermine the ability to make decisions based on facts and evidence. There is also a tendency to ignore trends that do not fit this assumption.

  9. That inclination or prejudice is felt or demonstrated for or against someone.

Synonyms of Bias

Feeling for, Particular choice, Have a tendency, Disposition, Misinterpret, Weakness, Fascination, Aptness, Eccentricity, Across, Preferential treatment, Crossways, Bevel, Predispose, Verge, Virgule, Mutual affinity, Soft spot, Liability, Skew, Obliquity, Cornerwise, A thing for, Misrender, Diagonalwise, Predispose, Careening, Torture, Preconception, Cast, Induce, Inclinational, Influence, Predilection, Inclination, Rambling, Misuse, Slue, Contribute, Work toward, Bent, Conatus, Mind-set, Prejudice, Penchant, Zigzag, Straying, Rhomboid, Persuade, Bend to, Susceptibility, Prejudgment, Wandering, Conduce, Probability, Undetachment, Preference, Partisanship, Drift, Sheer, Diversion, Stripe, Sympathy, Bear off, Constitution, Lead, Warp, Prejudice, Kittycorner, Slanting, Athwart, Predisposition, Kidney, Nature, Biaswise, Curve, Eagerness, Listing, Show a tendency, Jaundice, Slash, Shelvy, Aberration, Scatter, Partiality, Crosswise, Strain, Discrimination, Redound to, Propensity, Parti pris, Tone, Bend, Scratch comma, Taste, Excursus, Weight, Serve, Misdirect, Head, Sensitivity to, Lurch, Set toward, Conduciveness, Temperament, Involvement, Slantwise, Point, Delight, Lean, Deviance, Prepossess, Recumbent, On the bias, Proclivity, Indirection, Corner, Style, Taint, Turn of mind, Mold, Catercornerways, Inclined, Readiness, Turning, Tropism, Diagonal, Oblique angle, Pitched, Temper, Tilting, Aslope, Swerving, Veer, Nepotism, Type, Set, Partialism, Shifting path, Divergence, Weight, Partisanism, Thing, Tinge, Mutual attraction, Shifting course, Chosen kind, Biased, Diagonally, Work, Distort, Stamp, Double, Canting, Individualism, Raking, One-sidedness, Aberrancy, Divagation, Look to, Point to, Deviate, Transverse, Oblique, Standpoint, Swerve, Fancy, Pervert, Drifting, Dogleg, Trend, Solidus, Affinity, Unfairness, Declination, Prepossession, Unneutrality, Prejudice, Misconstrue, Favor, Deflect, Crook, Sweep, Incline, One-sidedness, Garble, Mind, Sidelong, Separatrix, Soften up, Tilted, Affect, Slantways, Digression, Willingness, Angle off, Go, Sway, Discursion, Influence, Excursion, Viewpoint, Move, Shift, Diffract, Tend, Shifting, Undispassionateness, Tipsy, Twist, Aslant, Circuitousness, Makeup, Prejudice the issue, Deviation, Partiality, Beveled, Out of plumb, Turn, Varnish, Bendwise, Sloped, Tendency, Tack, Impulse, Catercorner, Divagate, Favouritism, Animus, Leaning, Divert, Bag, Make, Catercornered, Pererration, Personal choice, Yaw, Misrepresent, Colour, Oblique figure, Weigh with, Prejudice against, Tipped, Character, Partisanship, Inclining, Streak, Wear down, Disperse, Grain, Atilt, Diathesis, Tipping, Exorbitation, Interest, Prompt, Favoritism, Dispose, Inclinatory, Mental set, Liking, Idiosyncrasy, Detour, Pull, Diffuse, Variation, Druthers, Inequality, Diverge, Forejudgment, Mettle, Sloping, Aptitude, Color, Errantry, Slant, Hairpin, Angle, Deviousness, Jaundiced eye, Divarication, Deviancy, Branching off, Out of square, Sway, Oblique line, Departure, Shelving, Refract, Cup of tea, Swinging, Sideling, Thwart, Slanted, Cornerways, Proneness

How to use Bias in a sentence?

  1. Understanding the types of prejudice can help you avoid them.
  2. There is evidence of bias against foreign candidates.
  3. This patterned bowl proves to be a traditional trend where a bowl of grass is touched.
  4. Prejudice prevents judgment
  5. Investors, like any human being, are likely to make decisions based on irrational prejudices.
  6. If judges are known for their hatred of people who hurt dogs, judges should not be personally biased in the way they preside. This process will end as a result of the issue of animal abuse.
  7. Readers say the article is biased against conservatives.
  8. A semiconductor amplifier circuit in which the polarization circuit is extended to polarize the FET amplifier.
  9. Polarization of the ball.
  10. The president cannot make fair decisions to hire these employees because of the strong prejudice against candidates studying at a university like his.
  11. Throughout her experience, Ann believes that her parents have harmed her most beautiful sister, Shelley.

Meaning of Bias & Bias Definition