Definition of Bi-monthly:

  1. Issued or occurring every two months. It does not mean twice a month, for which the term fortnightly is used.

  2. Twice a month or every two months.

  3. Done, produced, or occurring twice a month or every two months.

  4. A periodical produced twice a month or every two months.

Synonyms of Bi-monthly

Journal, Publication, Magazine, Newspaper, Paper, Review, Digest, Gazette, Newsletter, Organ, Serial, Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Bimonthly, Fortnightly, Weekly, Biweekly

How to use Bi-monthly in a sentence?

  1. In order to overcome this difficult period, we have decided to change BOWLING DIGESTS frequency from a bimonthly to a quarterly.
  2. The company conducted bi-monthly quality checks on its most popular products to ensure consumers received good products that wouldnt disappoint.
  3. A bimonthly newsletter.
  4. The womans bi-monthly mortgage payment is due every other month; she had the option of making monthly payments, but she instead opted for these due to financial concerns.
  5. The magazine appears bimonthly.
  6. Employers are required to establish regular set paydays for their staff and these are commonly bi-weekly, bi-monthly , weekly, or monthly.

Meaning of Bi-monthly & Bi-monthly Definition