Definition of Betterment:

  1. The act or process of improving something.

  2. Real estate: Appreciation in the value of a property due to beneficial public works (such as construction of highway, sewers, sidewalks) executed in its near vicinity.

  3. Accounting: Addition, change, or extraordinary improvement made to an asset to extend its useful life or enhance its efficiency, resulting in returns over and above the incurred cost.

Synonyms of Betterment

Improvement, Amelioration, Advancement, Change for the better, Furtherance, Upgrading, Enhancement, Great Leap Forward, About-face, Accommodation, Adaptation, Adjustment, Advance, Advancement, Alteration, Amelioration, Amendment, Apostasy, Ascent, Bettering, Boost, Break, Change, Change of heart, Changeableness, Constructive change, Continuity, Conversion, Defection, Degeneration, Degenerative change, Deterioration, Deviation, Difference, Discontinuity, Divergence, Diversification, Diversion, Diversity, Enhancement, Enrichment, Eugenics, Euthenics, Fitting, Flip-flop, Furtherance, Gradual change, Headway, Improvement, Lift, Melioration, Mend, Mending, Mitigation, Modification, Modulation, Overthrow, Pickup, Preferment, Progress, Progression, Promotion, Qualification, Radical change, Re-creation, Realignment, Recovery, Redesign, Reform, Reformation, Remaking, Renewal, Reshaping, Restoration, Restructuring, Reversal, Revival, Revivification, Revolution, Rise, Shift, Sudden change, Switch, Total change, Transition, Turn, Turnabout, Upbeat, Upheaval, Uplift, Upping, Upswing, Uptrend, Upward mobility, Variation, Variety, Violent change, Worsening

How to use Betterment in a sentence?

  1. The non profit organization operated for the betterment of society, they had a profound impact on our own little community as well.
  2. They believed that what they were doing was vital for the betterment of society.
  3. For the betterment of the entire organization, it was decided that the office of human resources would employ two more people on a part time basis to handle the extra interest in job opportunities afforded by the companys expansion.
  4. Me leaving the country was for the betterment of my family because lately they have not liked the choices I have made in life.

Meaning of Betterment & Betterment Definition