Betterment insurance

Betterment insurance,

Definition of Betterment insurance:

  1. Betterment insurance is coverage for additions or modifications made by a lessee to a space they lease. Such policies cover only improvements which increase the value of the property and do not include the structure itself.

  2. Betterment insurance policies typically cover improvements made to commercial properties. However, residential tenants could also purchase such a policy if circumstances warranted. Betterment insurance protects the tenant from financial harm which would occur if they were unable to use or benefit from improvements they make to a leased structure. This coverage is also known as betterment and improvement coverage. .

  3. Insurance to cover any improvements or additions that a tenant has made to leased space. For example, a retail business that leases space for a store might purchase betterment insurance to cover the cost of shelving and displays.

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