Better Door And Window

Better Door And Window

What does it mean to have a door better than a window? 3

What does it mean when we say that ______ makes doors better than windows? And give examples written in one sentence.


Which, I think, means you have to open it up to see and pass through.

You make doors better than windows.

When someone is in front of you, tell them that doors are better than windows. It's a joke because they make unnecessary windows because most people can't see.

That is, the windows are made of glass for you to see, but the doors are used to close people.

They say get out of the way, you're blocking the scene.

You are not a window, meaning I cannot see you.

English idiom. My parents told me.

They cannot see through you. So instead of looking out the window, the door.

That means leaving the path that I can't see ... Example: A man named Sally in front of the television ..... Sally, you make doors better than windows

Better Door And Window