Beta test

Beta test,

Definition of Beta test:

  1. Testing of machines, software or other products is in the final stages of development, which is done through the independent part of its development.

  2. Submit (product) for beta testing.

  3. Second level, external testing of a product (usually software) before commercial production. In the beta test phase, the product entered the first phase, internal test (alpha test) and clear defects were eliminated. However, since this product may have minor problems that require user intervention, the user may be selected to test the remaining defects under normal use conditions.

How to use Beta test in a sentence?

  1. You have to beta test before you know any project if it really deserves it.
  2. You may need to do a beta test to see how your product will work in practice after launch.
  3. The system is still being tested for practical music applications.
  4. Here are some tips for beta testing general purpose software that I call "shrink wrapping".
  5. The player was delighted to learn that he had been selected for a test to develop a new game system.

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