Best seller

Best seller,

Definition of Best seller:

  1. Popular book consistently selling in significantly large numbers over a period such as a quarter or year. Periodicals usually publish lists of best sellers in their respective fields rated according to their sales.

Synonyms of Best seller

Big hit, Book, Bound book, Brilliant success, Classic, Coloring book, Definitive work, Fad, Folio, Gas, Gasser, Great success, Great work, Hardback, Hit, Juvenile, Juvenile book, Killing, Limp-cover book, Magnum opus, Meteoric success, Momentary success, Nonbook, Notebook, Novel, Opus, Opuscule, Opusculum, Paperback, Picture book, Playbook, Pocket book, Prayer book, Production, Psalmbook, Psalter, Publication, Resounding triumph, Riot, Roaring success, Sensation, Serial, Sketchbook, Smash, Smash hit, Soft-cover, Songbook, Standard work, Storybook, Title, Tome, Trade book, Triumph, Volume, Work, Wow, Writing

Meaning of Best seller & Best seller Definition