Best Scooter Locks

The electric scooters are daily life companions for many commuters because scooters are fuel-efficient, require less space on the road and more importantly easy to park. If you have an electric scooter as your daily driver for office, school or any other important event, you can park it anywhere effortlessly.

But occasionally, you might need to park it at the edge of a deserted road or desolated street. Uninhabited areas are a common crime site for thieves, and your hefty electric scooter is an off-bird for unauthorized people. In such cases, it is advisable to lock your scooter, every time you leave for an important and time taking event.

Fortunately, we have unveiled some best locks for your electric scooter. The locks are relatively cheaper, durable and manufactured to last forever. But before fetching the list of best locks for electric scooters, we want to bring the importance of locking the electric scooter on the page.

Importance of Locking Electric Scooter

The security is an unavoidable perspective for each element connected with your life. The significance of keeping the bicycle bolted is forestalling scooter thieves. Your electric scooter is your investment and advantageous in transportation needs. You would never want to lose such a precious companion of your life and strive best to keep it protected.

Electric Scooter Lock Types

Ring Lock

The ring lock functions admirably with electric scooters that have open spokes. In a large portion of the electric scooters, ring locks are preinstalled. Fundamentally, the whole lock is made of steel, formed like a ring. In the middle of the steel ring, the cable is planted that traps the wheel and restrict its rotation. Unlike other locks where the key is required to lock and unlock, it benefits indolent individuals with a single tap lock facility. Key is only required when users need to unlock the scooter.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are well-known among cyclists but extensively useful for electric scooters as well. Cable locks are not difficult to utilize and conceivably rank among the most sold kinds of scooter locks. The best thing about cable lock is that it is lightweight, simple to overlap, and handily carried with the scooter. The flexible coat over the center cable makes it an ideal protector against thieves with bolt cutters.

Chain Lock

Chain Locks are an improved version of cable locks. A robust chain is the backbone of the entire lock. The chain is usually covered with polyester to secure the chain from water and keep its longevity maintained. The chain locks offer more security in contrast to simple cable locks and hold a gold rating on standard security parameters.


U locks are unquestionably the most secure type of lock for electric scooters. The simple design, some people also call it D-locks. The lock is made out of robust materials, mainly depends upon the steel shackle. The gold-rated U shape locks are anti bolt cutter and stand well against burglary attempts.

Best Scooter Locks

Skunklock U-Shape Lock

Skunklock has fabricated the vigorous U-Shape lock considering all sherlock ways of robbery on the table. The deadbolt design of durable U-Shape lock mainly depends upon the crossbar and solid steel shackle. The U-Shape lock possibly fits with every size of electric scooter, meaning that the size of lock is no longer a problem, it will gel well with different wheels’ size.

Unlike other hefty locks, Skunlock’s U-Shape lock is lightweight and easy to carry with electric Scooter. More than 1.5 million pieces of Skunlock’s U-Shape lock has been sold across different states of the U.S.

With regards to giving security, the matchless lock entitles itself Gold-Rated on standard benchmarks, marking it a top requirement for electric scooters’ security. Once the Scooter is locked, the firm jaw of it doesn’t even allow to move the scooter around the tug or anchor.

Last and utmost important, SkunLock assures to give nightmare to hoodlums as the solid shackle is not easy to down with bolt cutters. Worthy to notice, expert scooter thieves use noxious and vomit-inducing chemicals to melt the inner integrity of lock and then breach the lock with forceful jerks. The interior of lock fights back with noxious chemicals, ranks it one step ahead of ordinary U-Shape locks.

Kryptonite Lock Series

Kryptonite locks have the legacy of more than 45 years. Kryptonite locks are not based around one niche of vehicles, but many. The vast inventory of kryptonite locks includes U-lock, Chain locks, alarm locks and disc lock.

Sportneer Lock Series

Sportneer has been well-known for manufacturing important ornaments for cycling, camping, home accessories and fitness equipment. The cycling segment includes solidly crafted U Shape lock and Chain lock in cheap price. So, if you are interested to purchase locks for electric scooter aside cycling apparel, Sportneer is a good option.