Best Practices

Best Practices,

What Does Best Practices Mean?

  • Best practice is a set of guidelines, ethics, or ideas that represent the most effective or strategic situation in a given business situation. The best practices can be established internally by government agencies, such as regulators or regulatory bodies, or the company's management team.

Literal Meanings of Best Practices


Meanings of Best:
  1. What is more unusual, more unusual or more desirable?

  2. Of the most favorable, efficient, or desired type or quality.

  3. close enough

  4. Be smart or perform better (someone)

Sentences of Best
  1. Buy the best you can afford

  2. The best pitcher in the league

  3. You know it better

Synonyms of Best

most, unrivalled, nonpareil, elite, supreme, get the upper hand over, unparalleled, premier, to the highest degree, outdo, worst, choice, defeat, crème de la crème, to the greatest degree, matchless, flower, jewel in the crown, outwit, top


Meanings of Practices:
  1. The actual application or use of a theory, belief or method is contrary to the relevant theory.

  2. A way or a way of doing things that are normal, normal, or expected.

  3. Repeated practice or performance of the activity or ability to overcome or maintain it.

Sentences of Practices
  1. Principles of education and practice and

  2. Product placement is a common practice in American films.

  3. It definitely takes a lot of practice to be so fluent

Synonyms of Practices

tradition, action, preparation, repetition, rule, exercise, doing, system, way, enactment, training, implementation, fashion, custom, habit, institution, operation, method, convention, policy