Best Military Branch For Physical Therapy

Best Military Branch For Physical Therapy

Where is the best place in the military for physical therapy? 3

Otherwise, I'm ready to do my Bachelor of Sports Science next year. I tried physical therapy and wanted to join the army after my bachelor's degree. I wonder which is the best for the job I want to do.

Thank you very much

To become a military physicist, you must have a master's degree. One is not enough. The Army has a program with Baylor University that allows university graduates to pursue a master's degree in physical therapy and then advance into military service.

soldier. The Navy and Air Force are in second place. The Marines do not have doctors.

The Army has a PT program. Of the 40 graduates, 2 went to the Air Force, 2 to the Navy and the rest to the Army.


I realized how much I needed it. I would like to know where I can get a job if I want a career in PT.

thank you all!

soldier. Training is more rigorous and therefore injuries are more common.

I think it's similar to USMC.

Best Military Branch For Physical Therapy