Best Military Branch For College

Best Military Branch For College

Which military class is best for college and life? 3

Hi, I want to know what is the best option to pay for college. I am a newbie at the moment and want to know which school is best for paying. After college, I saw something tonight.

National Guard




Thanks and I want to know if there is more or less stress which is a little difficult but not more difficult where you are going to be useless hahaha thanks


Thank you all for forgetting to add that I want to do something in the enrollment program but I do not know what else I want to finish university if I like basic education or if I get most of my credit and get a degree If i do thank you

The Air Force betrayed me. It has nothing to do with the Army or the National Guard when you want to go to school because you are involved in all the contracts. The little thing people don't know is that the National Guard has more power than the regular army, so I'll let it go first. When it comes to physical work, the air force is very simple and you do not have mental games with you. But the Air Force needs some tickets. The Air Force experience will also be better than others with college applications, and I'm sure they will pay more for tuition. I'm not sure about ut rotc so I can't help you. I would rather join the Air Force than the Army. The person below me who answered 3 or 4 seems to be the best answer for you and can provide the best information. All I know is that all my National Guard friends are in trouble and that a small number of my regular friends are being sent to the sandbox.

Best Military Branch For College

Best Military Branch For College

The best military school for college

Mr. Jesse is a little out of place here. Although the Air Force is generally considered the most comfortable, it takes less time to become a weekend fighter than any active duty. It is also wrong news that girls are kept more than ordinary soldiers. It's just funny.

Not ROTC nch, it's a way to get involved. I can answer more questions if you have any questions.

Tuition fees depend on many factors. I will stay away from reservations because NAFTA is a real bureaucratic mess. If you attend a public school, many state guards may cancel your enrollment altogether. You do not pay a penny for tuition. An advantage I like these days.

We all have different stressors when it comes to stress. I am under the least pressure during my mission, so I would say it is a matter of opinion.

Best Military Branch For College