Best Evidence

Best Evidence,

Best Evidence means,

  1. Best Evidence means: Basic evidence is the best evidence available. The evidence below is secondary. For example, the original letter is the best proof, while the photocopy is the second proof.

Literal Meanings of Best Evidence


Meanings of Best:
  1. What is more unusual, more unusual or more desirable?

  2. Of the most favorable, efficient, or desired type or quality.

  3. close enough

  4. Be smart or perform better (someone)

Sentences of Best
  1. Buy the best you can afford

  2. The best pitcher in the league

  3. You know it better

Synonyms of Best

get the upper hand over, be more than a match for, principal, to the highest degree, chief, cream, matchless, optimum, unbeaten, elite, unsurpassable, ultimate, first, beat, gain the advantage over, supreme, choice, optimal, of the highest quality, finest, unsurpassed, pre-eminent, unbeatable, to the greatest degree, top, triumph over, ideal, crème de la crème


Meanings of Evidence:
  1. Be proof or show.

  2. A collection of available facts or information that indicates whether a belief or statement is true or false.

Sentences of Evidence
  1. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the remains of neolithic buildings.

  2. The study found almost no evidence of indirect discrimination.

Synonyms of Evidence

indicate, attestation, exhibit, denote, be evidence of, show, confirmation, display, affirmation, authentication, verification, signify, corroboration, proof, reveal, evince, substantiation, documentation, manifest