Best Budget Gaming Headset for Beginner in Australia

Are you a gaming passionate looking to buy an excellent headset for you? You have reached the right place!

You may have been wondering to buy the budget gaming headset all over Australia but didn’t meet the best one. The reason being either you have not searched the trending and budget-friendly headset or you are unable to reach the desired headset manufacturer. It doesn’t matter at all now!

Now, we will help you know the best budget gaming headset. We will start from high-quality Sennheiser headsets to budget-friendly JABRA headsets. Believe us, at the end of the post, you will definitely be able to decide which headset you must want to want.

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Here are the 5 Best Budget Gaming Headset for Beginner

1. # Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML

Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML is the first and the foremost name in the list of best budget gaming headsets. This superior quality headset consists of a stereo headset, a CH 20 MB docking station, and a BTD 800 USB dongle. You will also find a thin black matte plastic headband in the headset and supra on-ear leather-like earpads. It works well and gives outstanding audio quality.

Also, it’s accurately adjusted, there will be no fatigue from wearing it, even over a longer time. The boom for the mic turns fully backward when wearing the headset, which is quite adjustable as well. When in use, the mic reclines just off to the side of the mouth for a perfect audio capture. There’s a small foam windscreen covering the mic itself.

The overall headset is comfortable to wear and a perfect option for hassle-free gaming.

2. # Jabra Evolve2 65

The Jabra Evolve2 65 Bluetooth headset is one of the best budget gaming headsets that put essential things right, like a comfortable fit, amazing mic clarity, and excellent noise canceling technique. This superior quality gaming headset with Bluetooth delivers strong clarity and environmental noise reduction for making calls even when you play games. The great thing about this gaming headset is it is specially designed with powerful leak‐tolerant 40mm speakers and powered with the most exceptional digital chipset ever. With Evolve, you can also listen to your favorite music while playing games.

Buying this pair of headsets, you’re definitely going to take the audio quality to a whole new level.

3. # Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC

Here comes another one of the best gaming headsets that’s Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC. Famous for professional use, this pair of headsets now has become the best choice for gaming purposes. It delivers exceptional audio clarity due to its solid boom mic and the ability to play music back in stereo while playing games. It’s essentially a very immeasurable pair of headphones souped-up for advanced levels of communication applications. Its USB dongle provides seamless switching between mobile device and computer. You can switch the device as per your gaming requirements.

If you need a headset with excellent audio performance without sacrificing essential headset features, then Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC is worth trying!

4. # HyperX Cloud Stinger

Meet another one of the best affordable gaming headset, which is very comfortable to wear and comes with a handy control and excellent sound that gets blown out at higher ranges. This HyperX Cloud Stinger headset features a unique design, soft padding, and large ear cups to keep the headset truly around your ears.

The on-ear audio control of this amazing gaming headset is also an intuitive slider, which is easy-to-use while impairing. In addition to it, you can also have an excellent mic usage without needing a USB pass-through.

So, if you are looking for a cheap, best and excellent audio quality headset, then HyperX Cloud Stinger is the one you must try out!

5. # Roccat Renga Boost

Last but not least! Roccat Renga Boost headsets with a comfortable fit and good gaming sound is another one of the most demanding headsets. This pair of headsets possess widespread compatibility with perfect ear cups and rocking music and gaming performance.

This headset stands out from the crowd when it comes to buying affordable and the best gaming headset as it offers a faux-leather self-adjusting headband and cushy foam earcups.

What’s more? It provides an instantaneously comfortable fit that stays cozy for hours and it won’t let you get irritated while playing a game or listening to music. You will get a solid sound quality for the price you pay and a crisp treble and impressive gaming features is something you never had in another headset ever.


Apart from these headsets, there are many more. Depending upon your budget and the features you need for your gaming purpose, you can choose the best fit. All are the best in their own use. If you like the feature and specification of Jabra headsets, then try it out! However, if you liked the Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC, then buy it without any hesitation. All will give you excellent sound clearity and noise-canceling results.

You just need to do some research before making any blind purchase.Your research can help you buy the best gaming headset.

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