Best Boy

Best Boy,

How Do You Define Best Boy?

  1. The definition of Best Boy is: People on the set, TV, etc. who help the electrician.

Literal Meanings of Best Boy


Meanings of Best:
  1. What is more unusual, more unusual or more desirable?

  2. Of the best, most efficient, or most desired type or quality.

  3. close enough

  4. Be smarter or better (someone)

Sentences of Best
  1. Buy the best you can afford

  2. The best pitcher in the league

  3. You know it better

Synonyms of Best

crème de la crème, be more than a match for, defeat, beat, matchless, prime, surpassing, greatest, chief, conquer, outsmart, flower, foremost, premier, choice, choicest, second to none, nonpareil, unbeatable, leading, principal, ideal, most, unexcelled, unsurpassable, to the highest degree, ultimate, get the upper hand over, superlative, optimum


Meanings of Boy:
  1. Boy or girl

  2. It is used informally or loosely to refer to a person.

  3. It is used to express strong emotions, especially joy or surprise.

Sentences of Boy
  1. Four year old boy

  2. The inspector is a local boy

Synonyms of Boy

gentleman, lad, young fellow, youth, teenager, male child, man, fellow, youngster, adolescent, young man, young person