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Bespoke CDO,

Bespoke CDO: What is the Meaning of Bespoke CDO?

  • Taylor CDOs are structured finance products, specifically securities debit obligations (CDOs), that develop brokers for specific groups of investors and tailor them to their needs. The investor group usually buys an installment of a custom CDO, the rest of the installments then go to the broker, who often tries to avoid potential losses from other financial products such as credit derivatives.

    • Bespoke CDO is a secured loan tool tailored to the specific needs of a specific group of investors.
    • Refraining from their undisputed role in the 2007-2009 financial crisis, bespoke CDOs reappeared in 2016 under Maniker's "Tailor Opportunity" (BTO).
    • Custom CDOs are mostly used today by hedge funds and other savvy institutional investors.

Literal Meanings of Bespoke CDO


Meanings of Bespoke:
  1. Designed for specific users or users.

Sentences of Bespoke
  1. Custom suit


Meanings of CDO:
  1. Chief Data Officer, Senior Executive who is responsible for managing and overseeing the company's digital data analysis

  2. General Manager Digital, executive responsible for the implementation and maintenance of digital technology and information systems in a company or other organization.

  3. A type of security secured by secured loans, bonds or various sets of loans.