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Berkheimer Tax Innovations

Is Berkheimer's tax administrator a scam? 3

I just received a letter from Berkheimer today stating that I have not submitted my 2012 income tax returns. This is the third time I have filled out an income tax form and the first time I have received this letter. The first two times I submitted to the H&R block and this year I had no problem, I always submitted to the H&R block, but online. I don't know if it's a scam, but I ask for my information and other people's late fees. Seriously, my dad got the same letter, but he's disabled and he has SSI, so he doesn't ask for a tax return. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

it's the same.

Berkheimer collects local income tax for some jurisdiction in PA and possibly OH under an agreement with tax authorities. If you live in a local income tax district, you will need to file a proper tax return and pay taxes. If your salary is deducted from your salary, complete the statement and provide proof. For your concern, just fill in a statement showing $ 0 in earned income and it will be confiscated.

I received one last week of 2002 !!! I have never been to a school district and he said I need to prove it. It's 2013 and I'm not a man with a record of more than 10 years, I was 20 at the time and my parents probably paid taxes because I lived there in 2002, plus a certified mail fee and 2002 The fees were much higher than the other fees ($ 54 in total) were unreasonable. That was two weeks ago, moving to today, another recvd. This is for 2012 and shouldn't it be 11? Mine is 39.75 !!! Not only did he say I had to pay it back, but there was an initial charge fee, a registration fee, and then a tax fee. I don't have a school to go to, but I still have to pay more taxes + fees! The economy is bad and now I am being charged a total of 93.75 fees which I never received. Is there anything I can do to eliminate the extra cost? He even said that he could confiscate my salary to pay the fee!

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I agree with you that this is a hoax. I have lived in Pennsylvania since 2007 and file taxes every year. Until this year, I never got anything from Berkheimer. I received the same letter as you and your father. Earned income, including on-site, is processed on Pennsylvania state tax returns. Below are the answers to your questions from Berkheimer's representatives. Here on the internet people can say anything or say they want to raise money. I will check from your state or location to send it any way you want.

It's not a hoax, but it can be! They are, but I don't know what they're good at. Make sure you call or go to the office to get the right amount. They will try to tell you that you owe this ridiculous amount of money if you don't. They will send you letters and registered mail until you pay. However, I went to the local office and in the end they only owed me $ 7. They sent me bills of $ 500 or more and claimed that I owed taxes from previous years. They are dirty, corrupt people who don't know what they really need. Just take your W2 and pay to get rid of what you really owe. I did this and now I am waiting for the money you owe me. It should have taken 68 weeks, but that's a lie. Don't trust these people. You are guilty within the law. For another week, I will take the money you owe me now. I will make you angry for my money as you make us angry for yourself.

You can bet they are cheaters ... all five reviews are correct. What really bothers me is that this is an income tax collection agency. That's bad enough, we are oppressed by cities, school authorities, states, federal governments, and so on. Most cities and districts send nothing but local taxes. For its citizens, especially those who live in apartments or have part-time jobs, the money they save.

Berkheimer Tax Innovations

Berkheimer Tax Innovations

I really can't believe some of the replays I'm seeing here. Please note that I am attending an MBA program and preparing a CPA application (my bachelor's degree in accounting). It doesn't matter if a company called Berkheimer is a local tax authority in your area. Anyone who asks for personal information and advance fees by mail or e-mail is a scam. No legal source will, under any circumstances, request personal information or fees. Therefore, HR Block asked him to sign a legal agreement before providing the employee's social security number and other personal information. I have an independent agreement with several tax offices in my state, and in no case can a party request information and fees without consulting one or two pages of legal documents. Second, keep in mind some of the IRS red flags that you should consider. Under no circumstances will your Social Security membership be verified as it is not financially prudent for the IRS. On very rare occasions, people who meet these requirements can only be shown to prove one point, but the odds are very similar to lotteries. I'm sure a local company called Berkheimer is your local tax authority, but remember that your logo can be copied and pasted on any letterhead and then mailed. The fact is that there is an advance fee (not an actual assessment or evaluation) and your personal details tell me what is happening here. A local scammer has discovered that people in his area know (and may be intimidated) of Berkheimer's business, so they use it as a so-called exploit. The job of any scam is to prevent you from thinking rationally long enough to provide enough information to steal your identity and your hard-earned money. Only an IRS representative who visits you in person and asks you to sign the appropriate documents can request personal information. I don't know what personal information they're asking for, but if it's your Social Security number, I can guarantee it's a fraud.

Yes, it's a scam - they charge a percentage of what they receive and harass people to collect late fees and bills or to prove they pay. At best they are shady. In 2007, he spent $ 2 million on litigation for his practice, but that did not stop his lucrative underground business. I don't know why PA status didn't stop it. Life is complicated without criminals collecting your taxes.

Berkheimer almost became that. Yes, they were hired by Pennsylvania authorities to collect local taxes, but they were negligent. He could not find the payment record, so he sent standard letters to the people claiming that he owed taxes. Apparently, although they sent a standard letter identifying the contact person, they did not confirm the information. Also, the information in your letter will not be verified. My wife and I received a letter stating that we owed taxes and that our check was bad. After two copies and two official letters, he still insisted that we owe him money and said that he did not have a copy of the mail sent, although he returned a verified postcard to us. Is. Finally, on the third attempt, we will solve the problem. When we contacted our local government about this, they told us that about 20% of taxpayers have had similar experiences. Private companies should be more efficient, but Berkheimer is worse than inefficient.

My son is 20 years old, he received a letter from this company stating that he did not pay his taxes till 2013, the fact is that he was a student at that time and he has no job Was They charge $ 25 recharge fee and 10% service charge.

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