Definition of Bequeath:

  1. Leave (a personal estate or ones body) to a person or other beneficiary by a will.

  2. To specify by will the recipient of personal property; does not apply to real estate. (To devise is to specify the recipient of real estate.).

Synonyms of Bequeath

Abalienate, Add a codicil, Alien, Alienate, Amortize, Assign, Barter, Cede, Confer, Consign, Convey, Deed, Deed over, Deliver, Demise, Devise, Devolve upon, Enfeoff, Entail, Exchange, Execute a will, Give, Give title to, Hand, Hand down, Hand on, Hand over, Leave, Legate, Make a bequest, Make a will, Make over, Negotiate, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Sell, Settle, Settle on, Sign away, Sign over, Surrender, Trade, Transfer, Transmit, Turn over, Will, Will and bequeath, Will to, Leave, Leave in ones will, Will, Make over, Pass on, Hand on, Hand down, Cede, Consign, Commit, Entrust, Grant, Transfer, Convey

How to use Bequeath in a sentence?

  1. He bequeathed his art collection to the town.

Meaning of Bequeath & Bequeath Definition