Beneficiary (pensions)

Beneficiary (pensions),

What is The Meaning of Beneficiary (pensions)?

The person who will benefit from the pension plan or who will be able to benefit from a special program, such as insurance or the death of the beneficiary.

Literal Meanings of Beneficiary (pensions)


Meanings of Beneficiary:
  1. Someone who benefits from something, especially a trust, will or life insurance policy

Sentences of Beneficiary
  1. Australia will be the beneficiary of a policy that does not need to be signed.

Synonyms of Beneficiary

heir, heiress, inheritor, legatee


Meanings of Pensions:
  1. Regular payments are made by the state to people who have reached the age of regular retirement, as well as to certain widows and persons with disabilities when a person has been given an active life by an individual or employer during retirement. Retires from mutual funds. . Royal royalties for performing works of interest or public value, or periodic payments to a favorite of artists or academics

  2. Dismiss someone usually because of their age or health and give them a pension.

  3. A small hotel or pension in France and other European countries.

Sentences of Pensions
  1. Men can get a pension from the age of 65

  2. He left the army after the war

  3. Indeed. It is a beautiful and ordinary Austrian city with lots of bricks, hotels and restaurants for travelers.

Synonyms of Pensions

superannuation, annuity