Beneficial interest

Beneficial interest,

Definition of Beneficial interest:

  1. A beneficial interest is the right to receive benefits on assets held by another party. The beneficial interest is often related to matters concerning trusts.

  2. Right to enjoy and use a property, and to otherwise benefit from its possession. Beneficial interest usually accrues to the legal owner but may be vested in some other party, such as the beneficiary of a trust. See also contingent beneficial interest and equitable interest.

  3. For example, most beneficial interest arrangements are in the form of trust accounts, where an individual, the beneficiary, has a vested interest in the trust's assets. The beneficiary receives income from the trust's holdings but does not own the account.

How to use Beneficial interest in a sentence?

  1. The principle of beneficial interest can be applied in real estate situations.
  2. In the instance of a Crummey trust, often set up by parents for their children, the beneficiary has an immediate interest.
  3. A beneficial interest is usually related to trust accounts.

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