Definition of Bench:

  1. A flat ledge in masonry or on sloping ground.

  2. A long seat for several people, typically made of wood or stone.

  3. A judges seat in a court.

  4. A long, sturdy work table used by a carpenter, mechanic, scientist, or other worker.

  5. Short for bench press (verb).

  6. One or more judges comprising a court of law. Literally, the seat of a judge.

  7. A seat in Parliament for politicians of a specified party or position.

  8. A seat on which sports coaches and players sit during a game when they are not playing.

  9. Withdraw (a sports player) from play; substitute.

  10. Exhibit (a dog) at a show.

Synonyms of Bench

Workbench, Worktable, Table, Counter, Trestle table, Board, Work surface, Buffet, Pew, Form, Long seat, Seat, Stall, Settle, British Cabinet, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, Advisory body, Agency, Ambo, Assembly, Association, Atelier, Bar, Barbershop, Beauty parlor, Beauty shop, Board, Body of advisers, Borough council, Brain trust, Buffet, Butcher shop, Cabinet, Camarilla, Chair, Chamber, City council, Common council, Company, Concern, Conference, Congress, Consultative assembly, Corporation, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, Counter, County council, Court, Curule chair, Dais, Deliberative assembly, Desk, Diet, Directory, Divan, Escritoire, Establishment, Facility, Firm, Helm, House, Installation, Institution, Judgment seat, Junta, Kitchen cabinet, Lectern, Legislature, Loft, Mercy seat, Mesa, Organization, Parish council, Parlor, Plateau, Privy council, Saddle, Seat, Seat of justice, Seat of power, Seat of state, Secretaire, Secretary, Shop, Soviet, Staff, Stand, Studio, Sweatshop, Syndicate, Synod, Table, Table mountain, Tableland, Tribunal, Woolsack, Work site, Work space, Workbench, Workhouse, Working space, Workplace, Workroom, Workshop, Worktable, Writing table

How to use Bench in a sentence?

  1. The coach benched quarterback Randall Cunningham in favor of Jim McMahon.
  2. Emphasis is taken from the towering edifice and transferred to the ledges, curbs, benches and other ground-level surfaces that surround it.
  3. He must settle for a place on the substitutes bench.
  4. A park bench.
  5. He benched almost 500 pounds.
  6. Affenpinschers and Afghans were benched side by side.
  7. A 19th-century wheelwrights bench.
  8. The Conservative benches.
  9. You know I always wonder about the kind of people who sit on these judges benches and pass judgment over people.

Meaning of Bench & Bench Definition