Benadryl For Kennel Cough

Benadryl For Kennel Cough

Am I paying too much for a kennel cough? 3

I have two Shih Tzu who have a kennel cough. The doctor has prescribed antibiotics for me and I have been taking them for some time.

I was just wondering how many barrels I would give to a Shi Zhou Li Guru.

What should I give several times a day?

Kennel List says 5ml, 3 times a day. But it seems too much for a small dog. Do you think it's appropriate?

I've asked doctors this question before, but they only want their money, so they don't answer me. I'm sure they will lie for money too.

So what I'm asking is too many barrels !! ??

Thanks in advance:)

The barrel is used for allergies and itching. I've never seen him in a kennel cough before. See your doctor. I suggest? On the following pages you will find the right food for dogs. This is 1mg. For 1 pound. Charge. For example, if the dog weighs 30 pounds. Dogs will receive 30 mg. It will also tell you who the barrel is for.

Barrel against cough

Barrel is an antihistamine used to treat allergic reactions. This kennel does not help cough at all. Kennel cough is caused by a highly contagious virus. It may take some time to get rid of the kennel cough, but follow the rules or your dog will break again and the kennel cuff will cause permanent damage to the heart. It can easily rejuvenate your dog.

If you have other reasons to study the barrel, such as a dog allergy to pollen or dust, you can visit the barrel's website. Indicates how much to pay and what type of barrel to use. The IU advises you not to give your dog a barrel for kennel cough. It can easily ruin things.

each one

Barrel is for allergies, not for viral coughs.

Even antibiotics do not help. They are designed to help fight potential pneumonia. So don't be surprised if you drop the WLE prescription and the dog is still coughing.

My doctor told me to go to the store and buy baby cough syrup.

Ni is also effective as a cough suppressant.


A whooping cough can be caused by a virus or bacteria.

Bordetella protobacterium cage is not as common a cause of cough as it seems. Except for dogs (PO says dogs are too big).

Most dogs are vaccinated against Bordetella at an early age and are not susceptible to bacteria unless they have an immune system.

In this case, unless the dog is immune or tested by a veterinarian to prove otherwise, it is likely a viral infection.

As mentioned earlier, you should not take any medication on the recommendation of one cage or another; Others misunderstand that cage cough is caused by a bacterium called Bordetella, not a virus. Most dogs do not get antibiotics when they leave after a few days, but your doctor may have reasons to prescribe antibiotics to your dog. Barrel antihistamines do not help, they may anesthetize a little, but they do not help the infection. It only takes a moment.

You need to use a cough suppressant. Get a new doctor too !! They can tell you there is no problem. A kennel cough is like a child's cough. Give your dog a barrel in the morning and a pill in the morning. Tablets go well with pieces of cheese or ham.

Bandrel is an antihistamine for allergies. Kennel cough is not allergic. Most cough syrups use sugar or honey to cover the throat. Try to find a cough syrup that contains dextromethorphan as it is an ingredient that will stop coughing. Humidifiers can help. Otherwise, kennel cough is a virus that should go its own way. There is nothing that you can do about it.

Benadryl For Kennel Cough