Ben Franklin's Favorite Color

Ben Franklin’s Favorite Color

What are the curiosities about Benjamin Franklin?

11 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

  • He only had two years of formal education behind him.
  • Franklin became a successful writer as a teenager.
  • He spent half of his life in unofficial retirement.
  • Franklin designed a musical instrument which was used by Mozart and Beethoven.
  • He was a reluctant revolutionary.
  • Franklin developed a phonetic alphabet.
  • His son was a British loyalist.

What is Benjamin Franklin best known for?

Benjamin Franklin helped draft the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Franklin was known for his research on electricity and for writing poor Richard Almanack.

What bad things has Benjamin Franklin done too?

The 10 most outrageous things Benjamin Franklin has ever done

  • 10 the drinker’s dictionary
  • 9 Frankenstein and the Dragon.
  • He was a military commander.
  • 7 It posed a security risk.
  • 6 legs in the basement.
  • 5 drinking songs and the glass harmonica.
  • 4 Franklin to Mesmer.
  • He was a great troll.

What is Benjamin Franklin’s full name?

Benjamin Franklin, aka Ben Franklin, pseudonym Richard Saunders, (born January 17 [January 6, old style], 1706, Boston, Massachusetts [United States] - died April 17, 1790, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States), USA - american writer and editor, author, inventor, scientist and diplomat.

What did Benjamin Franklin like?

After all, Benjamin Franklin was a lover of knowledge, he was the epitome of the Renaissance. He gave us the lightning rod, the Franklin oven, the bifocals and poor Richard Almanack.

What was the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin?

Famous Benjamin Franklin Quotes

Why is Benjamin Franklin on the $ 100 Note?

Franklin was one of the founders, if not the most important, of our country. His work on the Declaration of Independence is seen as essential to the formation of the nation, so it is ■■■■■■■ that he looks like this important bill.

What are the 5 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin?

11 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

What Did Benjamin Franklin Think of the Constitution?

Ben Franklin’s thoughts on the Constitution the day it was signed. On September 17, 1787 the members of the Constitutional Convention signed the last draft of the constitution. So sir, I accept this constitution because I don’t expect anything better and because I’m not sure it’s the best.

What was Benjamin Franklin’s favorite color?

Who is the inventor of electricity?

Benjamin Franklin

Who were Benjamin Franklin’s friends?

Among others, Edward Bancroft, physician and naturalist (also Franklin’s secretary in Paris), Jonathan Williams, William Alexander and the English banker Thomas Walpole.

What is Benjamin Franklin’s legacy?

Franklin’s Legacy

How Did Ben Franklin Get Rich?

Ben Franklin didn’t invest in the most popular stocks or bonds, but instead quickly built his wealth by investing in what he knew and understood. He knew the press very well. As soon as he has saved enough, he opens his own printing shop. All activities and investments related to printing and publishing.

What is Ben Franklin’s middle name?

What was Benjamin Franklin’s first job?

Answer and Explanation: Benjamin Franklin’s first job was as an apprentice in his brothers’ printing house at the age of 12.

What was Benjamin Franklin’s youth like?

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 6, 1706 in a cottage on Milk Street, Boston, near the Old South Church. He was the youngest of five generations of younger children. He had eleven living brothers. His father Josiah Franklin earned his living on soap and candles.

What was Ben Franklin’s life like?

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Milk Street, Boston, Massachusetts, and was baptized in the Old South Meeting House. He worked for his father for a while and at the age of 12 he was apprenticed to his brother James, a printer who taught Ben to print.

Who were Benjamin Franklin’s parents?

Josiah Franklin’s father

Did Ben Franklin have a child?

What was the Benjamin Franklin family like?

His father was Josiah Franklin, a soap and candle maker. Her mother was Abiah Folger, Home Warehouse. Franklin grew up as a Presbyterian. He had 7 children with his first wife when she died, married Abiah Folger and had 10 other children, 17 in total, with Benjamin being his fifteenth and youngest child.

What does the name Benjamin mean?

Ben Franklin's Favorite Color