Belly Button Piercing Pain Scale 1 10

Belly Button Piercing Pain Scale 1 10

On a 110W scale, does piercing the abdomen hurt? 3

Tomorrow they will stab me in the stomach and I am very worried, ah. I think I'm fine with the pain. Does it hurt the 110w scale? Also, I know it hurts more than piercing the ear, but does it hurt more? And what's wrong? Thank you for your help

It hurts more than the ears because it takes more than a second and pierces the skin more.


Pliers - Most people say that this is the most painful part, for me it is like touching the skin, for me it does not hurt.

Needle piercing: It was a very strong pinch, Lok could only walk for one second.

Part of the yolk: It was the most painful for me, it was intense pressure that lasted for a few seconds.

Overall I would give it 4/10. It's painful, but not for long.

It hurts like 7, I won't lie, it hurts a lot. I usually have a decent tolerance for pain, but it was painful. I think maybe because I am very thin and I don't have much skin in this area. Piercing itself is not so bad. The pain lasts only a second. The worst part is that you can't lie on your stomach for many days and your clothes get stuck. This is almost impossible to avoid because the piercing is right in the middle of your Y. Overall, I have no regrets and I have been doing this for over a year now. The pain is worth it. It really couldn't be worse when almost every teenager did it.

They hit me 4 times just because I kept going away, but every time they stabbed me I froze and stabbed them, I didn't feel any pain, only skin tension, only one pain. Felt the tweezers clinging to my skin as I reacted to the peel solution. I used to go to the gym which was 2/10 painful so I don't know how he felt about the solution but the best thing was that I told him to jump first and always upside down. Take Lucaside or Energy Drink with you then to balance your blood sugar level and more people will start feeling dizzy :) p. For example, I helped and I appreciate your piercing

ut 5/10 temporarily. There is more pain after that. It's definitely more painful than the ear, but it's not really that bad. Pliers hurt more than needles and then more pain. It just hurts. So it's worth it.

4. I have a lot of holes and my stomach doesn't hurt so much. They took the tongs and placed them where they had stabbed him. And the pliers hurt more than the needle. Watch the piercing video on YouTube of what they do.

They don't hurt too much, I've done it with a really good piercer, that's fine, just make sure you have a good hole too, it makes a difference. On a scale of one to ten, I would say that three does not mean so much pain, but pressure and a small click. I say if you want to get along well with me :)

Belly Button Piercing Pain Scale 1 10

Belly Button Piercing Pain Scale 1 10

Well, it depends on whether you have an electrical outlet or not. My sister was pierced and it didn't hurt me (there's an entrance) but it's painful because I have an exit that doesn't make the hole come out or it's weird, the hole from the bottom Should be above or below the abdomen where only the skin is left. I'm serious, it hurts a lot.

6 at first, but after a few days I liked only 4

4 ... Really nothing to worry about :)

It is sharp and has a slightly larger wound than your ear, which is not much.

Belly Button Piercing Pain Scale 1 10