Belly Button Piercing Keloid

Belly Button Piercing Keloid

I have a foot under my stomach. : /?

Wow ... about some of the above ...

I have a stab in my stomach and I know exactly who you are talking about.

You mean the upper part of your skin and the lower part of the hole, right?

I have only one thing, it's called keloid.

It was just a collection of scar tissue, I did the same, the first time I had a hole in my stomach I did it with a pin and I was very unprofessional.

The way to get rid of it is to contact a local dermatologist, he must have a doctor who will treat your skin! Not a normal doctor, he will just refer you! They will give you an injection, remove the scar tissue or remove it completely.

I don't think you need to worry, I've been mine for months

Fix me

Just a quick update ...: Notified? I may not be there to see it, but I bet it's a caldera. Sure they can increase Gs, but little ones always count, I've seen every doctor, not a professional, but that's exactly what he describes as keloids.

I'm not sick, I'm hiding tea, but like many doctors I've visited, they haven't taken me in the wrong direction.

If you think my answer is wrong. I'd love to see your experience with it.

It can be granuloma or ulcer, as it causes fluid. Don't try to pop or squeeze. It is not an asthma and the discharge bothers it, it comes back and grows next time, and produces scar tissue.

Another thing that can happen is emigration or rejection. The only way to know for sure is to look at your hole. They are better able to tell what is happening and tell us better ways.

ETA: If your answer is wrong and the advice is wrong, some people should not be in a hurry to say what the answer might be. Keloids do not come out and are very rare. Calloids are also painful to touch and the person asking the question does not have these symptoms. It would be good to waste time and money going to a dermatologist so that I can be treated and diagnosed more easily by a professional driller.

People diagnose keloids very quickly, while nine out of ten cases do not have keloids. Keloids are rare. Seriously, none of us can diagnose people here. We can't see the problem and we're not doctors, so we can only speculate.

Don't do it again. Like any piercing, it can become a cyst and is very common. I have too Many people call it the way. This is especially true for people who have their ears measured and / or don't wait long for a new piercing. But it can also be scar tissue from your back piercing. If present, apply only Neusporan to reduce swelling. If so, go back to your destination and ask about H2Ocean, a safe piercing cleaner.

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Belly Button Piercing Keloid