Belk Return Policy

Belk Return Policy

Return perfume to black department store? ۔

I got a Valentine's Day perfume set in Belk and I didn't like it and I got it, I wanted to know if they accept stolen perfume items.

I'm sure you can return it if:

A) The box hasn't changed much and still looks new.

B) Param is not sealed with any kind of hygiene seal.

C) The bottle is still full.

D) You always have the original receipt.

E) You have not exceeded the return period (stores usually give you one or two weeks to return purchased items).

It is best to put everything back in the box as before, return to the store with the receipt and talk to the person at the return / exchange counter. If you say it's a gift to a friend and it's the wrong gift, they're more likely to exchange it with you, so they might say you can exchange it for someone else instead of receiving it. Are I think it helps :)

Black return policy.

Belk Return Policy