Being Human

Did anybody really think of what being a human really means?
Lets us dig deeper into this. Biologically, we are up to all expectations of being a human. But, are we really human as a whole when it comes to helping poor,helping animals that cannot stand for themselves, letting nature live, thinking of the coming generations!
I want to listen your ideas in comments section before I write any further.

Being human.
Its meaning is vast and complex. Being human refers to accept yourself as a human and we all know that human are fallible,human can make mistakes and have some weaknesses. Acceptance of your flaws and embracing your imperfection can be a sign of being human. furthermore being human is a type of feeling that allows us to be unbiased, instead of thinking about religion, cast , language or sex we see others as a only human. This feeling is not bounded its far beyond its for the universe too and entire specie’s who are existing in it are in touched. for example animals , nature.

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