Bebida Submarino

Bebida Submarino

What are the different recipes for eating submarines? 3

This drink is usually eaten with CPP (or beer) Tequila or Stan Hager or Weiss ... I wanted a real recipe, with lots of amazing two flakes and / or to serve this drink. Or be a mailer.

A prescription; wine and beer, mels sÂ; or a glass of beer for a long drink and tequila. Fill the silica with tequila and drink or drink long flakes with your mouth down or eat while playing with the mouth of the cell, quickly turn the bones into flakes and fill large beer flakes. For Facton Mailer, for example, lime is embroidered with large flakes and then as salt. Deliciaaa, just the same or like a submarine and a rocket.

Underwater drinks

Oral version with Steinhäger. Could be great with more Jägermeister. Like other stretched beds, it uses more as tequila (not oral version), kacha, vis, run, etc. Same as form or selected answer. 50 ml distillate (1) and 415 ml CPP (beer can be used, more with oral CPP). Using a 500 ml can and st. Prefer to use or mute it because the article is in mailer format.

Subscribe I know ive © civeja and cachaça, hit without pain on beer flakes, i, it cachaça hammer, and throws inside beer and twist or cachaça flakes !!!

Bebida Submarino

Bebida Submarino

Grandpa !!

It's not hard !!

Offer a canca de cpe (preferably half a liter), a small amount of beer, but about half.

Serve your second choice, kachaka (food) with wine.

Dip or copy slowly into cpe de cpe and clean and mix!

Don't rewind or copy it until you finish it with beer!

Team team!

50 ml of alcohol or (Stan Hager)

Complete with CPP or beer.

If you are using tequila flakes, place long flakes (such as keniko) on the tiphead. Stick it in the mouth of the chip skewer and do not make a long stitch of the chip and turn sharply in the opposite direction to remove the chips from the Ponta Cabeƒa on the other chips.

Full CPP

Materials for making submarines:

Tequila: 50 cc


How to build a submarine:

Take a glass of wine and fill it to the brim. Pour into a beer glass (mug). Serve the beer sweet so that the wine slowly mixes with the beer. You can also make this drink with other liquors like mint, whiskey etc.


400 grams of dark chocolate bar

4x key faces

1 tablespoon (tea) per vanilla essence

2 tablespoons sugar

Preparation: Mix or tin with sugar and lightly to boil. Divide the chocolate into 4 flakes. Vanilla Essence shoots a strong bridge or direction and is crisp. Very hot red or light brown or red, add a spoon to each flake and serve very hot.

Bebida Submarino