Beauty Contest

Beauty Contest,

Beauty Contest Definition:

  1. Slag described the process by which a client requests a lawyer or law firm to make a competitive offer for the same assignment or firm.

Literal Meanings of Beauty Contest


Meanings of Beauty:
  1. A combination of features such as shape, color or shape that appeals to the aesthetic sense, especially the eyes.

  2. A beautiful woman

Sentences of Beauty
  1. I was impressed by your beauty

  2. Considered amazingly beautiful in youth

Synonyms of Beauty

curiosity, beauty queen, enchantress, seductress, place of interest, distinctive feature, marvel, splendour, English rose, display, wonder, thing worth seeing, prominent feature, Venus, rarity, monument, view, vision, exhibition, beauty, picture, goddess, landmark, belle, scene


Meanings of Contest:
  1. Enter the competition to win (position of power)

  2. Opposition (action, decision or theory) because it is wrong or wrong.

  3. An event in which people compete for supremacy in a particular sport, activity, or quality.

Sentences of Contest
  1. He announced his intention to run for president

  2. The former president has challenged his resignation

  3. Beauty contest

Synonyms of Contest

take issue with, battle for, take a stand against, meet, defy, object to, tournament, contend for, struggle for, fight over, strive against, oppose, game, challenge for, struggle against, compete for, competition, tussle for, challenge, fight for, dispute, resist, match, vie for