Bearer Certificate

Bearer Certificate,

How To Define Bearer Certificate?

  1. Guarantee, the holder of which is not registered in the books of the issuer and therefore, must be paid to the certificate holder. The coupon is attached to the bearer bond and is sent or offered by the holder on the date of payment of interest. Bearer share certificates can be traded without authorization.

Literal Meanings of Bearer Certificate


Meanings of Bearer:
  1. Someone or something that carries or holds something.

  2. The person who provides the check or other money order for payment.

Sentences of Bearer
  1. Standard career

  2. Payable to note taker

Synonyms of Bearer

agent, possessor, consignee, emissary, holder, conveyor, provider, messenger, beneficiary, carrier, payee, owner


Meanings of Certificate:
  1. Provide or verify official documents.

  2. An official document that proves a certain fact.

Sentences of Certificate
  1. The amount earned must be verified by the employer.

  2. The customer then receives a certificate proving that their content has been shortened.

Synonyms of Certificate

diploma, voucher, warrant, accreditation, guarantee, authentication, certification, verification, licence, authorization, testimonial, document, credentials, proof