Definition of Bear:

  1. Support.

  2. Turn and proceed in a specified direction.

  3. Give birth to (a child).

  4. Dealer, investor, or speculator on a stock or commodity exchange, who expects the prices of securities or commodities to fall in the near future and, therefore, sells his or her investment portfolio in the hope of constructing it later at a lower price. See also bull.

  5. Endure (an ordeal or difficulty).

  6. (of a person) carry.

Synonyms of Bear

Support, Carry, Hold up, Prop up, Keep up, Bolster up, Veer, Curve, Swerve, Incline, Turn, Fork, Diverge, Deviate, Bend, Give birth to, Bring forth, Deliver, Be delivered of, Have, Mother, Create, Produce, Spawn, Endure, Tolerate, Put up with, Stand, Suffer, Abide, Submit to, Experience, Undergo, Go through, Countenance, Brook, Brave, Weather, Support, Cape polecat, Tartar, Abide, Abide with, Acquiesce, Acquit, Act, Admit of, Affect, Afflict, Afford, Afford support, Aim, Allow, Answer, Ape, Appertain, Apply, Assault, Attend, Author, Avail, Back, Back up, Bar, Be confined, Be equal to, Be worthy of, Bear a child, Bear account, Bear fruit, Bear on, Bear out, Bear the market, Bear up, Bear upon, Bear with, Bear young, Beget, Bide, Birth, Blink at, Bolster, Bolster up, Boost, Bosom, Bow, Brace, Brave, Breed, Bring, Bring about, Bring forth, Bring to birth, Bring to effect, Bring to pass, Brook, Buck, Bull, Bull the market, Bulldoze, Bump, Bump against, Bunt, Buoy up, Butt, Butt against, Buttress, Calve, Carry, Cast, Cause, Cavy, Chaperon, Cheer, Cherish, Chimp, Chimpanzee, Cling to, Clip, Companion, Comport, Conceive, Concern, Condone, Conduct, Confirm, Connive at, Consort with, Convey, Convoy, Coon, Correspond, Corroborate, Countenance, Cradle, Cram, Crank, Create, Crosspatch, Crowd, Crush, Crutch, Cushion, Defer, Deliver, Demean, Deport, Develop, Dig, Digest, Display, Dispose, Do, Do it, Dragon, Drive, Drop, Effect, Effectuate, Elbow, Embosom, Embrace, Encourage, Endure, Engender, Entertain, Escort, Establish, Exhibit, Experience, Fabricate, Farrow, Fashion, Father, Fawn, Feist, Ferret, Ferry, Fill the bill, Finance, Fire-eater, Fly, Foal, Fondle, Force, Form, Foster, Foumart, Found, Freight, Fructify, Fruit, Fulfill, Fund, Furnish, Fury, Generate, Gestate, Get by, Give birth, Give birth to, Give occasion to, Give origin to, Give rise to, Give support, Glutton, Go, Go around, Go on, Goad, Grizzly bear, Grouch, Groundhog, Guinea pig, Hack it, Hang in, Hang in there, Hang tough, Harbor, Have, Have a baby, Have and hold, Have young, Head, Hear of, Hedgehog, Hold, Hold a heading, Hold on to, Hold out, Hold up, Hothead, Hotspur, Hug, Hump, Hurtle, Hustle, Inaugurate, Incline, Indulge, Influence, Institute, Invent, Invite, Involve, Jab, Jam, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Just do, Keep, Keep afloat, Keep up, Kitten, Labor, Lamb, Lead, Lend support, Lie in, Lift, Light out, Litter, Lug, Lump, Lump it, Mainstay, Maintain, Make, Make allowances for, Make do, Make the grade, Manhandle, Manipulate the market, Meet, Meet requirements, Merit, Monk, Monkey, Mother, Mousehound, Move, Multiply, Nudge, Nurse, Nurture, Occasion, Opossum, Originate, Overlook, Pack, Parallel, Pass, Pass muster, Peg the market, Permit, Persevere, Pertain, Pile drive, Pillow, Point, Poke, Polecat, Porcupine, Possess, Possum, Prairie dog, Press, Procreate, Prod, Produce, Prop, Prop up, Propagate, Provoke, Punch, Pup, Push, Put up with, Qualify, Quill pig, Quit, Raccoon, Raid the market, Ram, Ram down, Rattle, Reach, Realize, Refer, Reinforce, Relate, Reproduce, Rig the market, Run, Run against, Satisfy, Serve, Serve the purpose, Set, Set afloat, Set on foot, Set out, Set up, Shake, Shape, Shore, Shore up, Short, Short account, Short interest, Short seller, Short side, Shorts, Shoulder, Shove, Show, Sire, Skunk, Sorehead, Spare, Spare the price, Spawn, Squab, Squash, Squeeze, Squish, Stand, Stand for, Stand up, Stand up to, Stay, Steer, Stick, Stick out, Still, Stomach, Stress, Stretch, Strike out, Submit, Subsidize, Substantiate, Subvention, Subventionize, Suffer, Suffice, Support, Survive, Sustain, Swallow, Sweat out, Take, Take it, Take off, Take up with, Tamp, Tend, Tend to go, Throw, Thrust, Tie in with, Tolerate, Torment, Torture, Tote, Touch, Touch on, Touch upon, Transport, Travail, Treasure, Treasure up, Trend, Try, Turn, Turn out, Ugly customer, Underbrace, Undergird, Undergo, Underlie, Underpin, Underset, Upbear, Uphold, Upkeep, Verge, Waft, Warrant, Wash sales, Weasel, Well afford, Whelp, Whipsaw, Whisk, Whistle-pig, Wing, Wink at, Wish, Withstand, Wolverine, Woodchuck, Work, Yean, Yield, Zoril, Carry, Bring, Transport, Move, Convey, Take, Fetch, Haul, Lug, Shift

How to use Bear in a sentence?

  1. Walls that cannot bear a stone vault.
  2. He was bearing a tray of brimming glasses.
  3. She bore the pain stoically.
  4. Bear left and follow the old road.
  5. She bore six daughters.

Meaning of Bear & Bear Definition

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