Bear hug

Bear hug,

Definition of Bear hug:

  1. A strong, strong throat.

  2. The name Beer Hug reflects the persuasive power of the target company, which is very generous with it. By offering a price far higher than the target company's current price, the party offers that it can usually enter into a sale agreement. The management of the target company is primarily bound to accept such a generous offer as it is legally bound to protect the well-being of its shareholders.

  3. In business, the embracing company offers that the purchase price of shares in another company is much higher than the market value of that company. This is an acquisition strategy that companies sometimes use when it is suspected that the target company's management or shareholders are willing to sell.

  4. Offer of public tender for management of target company. As a rule, there is a clear or strong risk that if the opening is rejected, it will be offered directly to shareholders.

Synonyms of Bear hug

Clamp, Hug, Embrace, Grapple, Nuzzle, Tight grip, Clasp, Clutch, Clinging, Firm hold, Clutch, Enfoldment, Hug, Squeeze, Grasp, Death grip, Grip, Clench, Gripe, Nip, Foothold, Bite, Squeeze, Footing, Cling, Cuddle, Seizure, Iron grip, Clinch, Clinch, Toehold, Caress, Hold, Hold, Clasp, Purchase

How to use Bear hug in a sentence?

  1. Zika allowed him to hug her and stay calm at all times.
  2. Target companies don't usually ask for hugs.
  3. If the target company refuses to accept the offer of a hug, there is a risk of legal action against the shareholders for not acting in its best interests.
  4. Beer gulp is an acquisition strategy similar to enemy capture, but generally more financially rewarding for shareholders.

Meaning of Bear hug & Bear hug Definition