Definition of Beam:

  1. Brightness (by any light or illumination).

  2. (Radio or broadcast signal) Send in a certain direction.

  3. Rays or rays of light.

  4. Build a roof with exposed beams.

  5. A strong, rectangular piece of wood or metal that extends to an opening or part of a building, usually to support a roof or floor above it.

  6. Horizontal or inclined structural elements that increase the distance between one or more supports and carry vertical loads through their longitudinal axes ie beams, beams, belts or beams. The three basic types of beams are: (1) the same period, supported at both ends, (2) consecutive, supported at more than two points, and (3) cantilevered, supported at one end from the other end. Is done. Incredible and free.

  7. A bright or natural look or smile.

  8. Smile brightly.

Synonyms of Beam

Bounces, Cheek, Jutty, Plank, Flame, Shore, Smile, Transmit, Daze, Expanse, Shaft, I beam, Log, Balk, Ear-to-ear grin, Signal, Mole, Finger, Ridgepole, Laugh, Lever, Radio beacon, Ribbon, Girder, Retaining wall, Jimmy, Strut, Television channel, Brace, Bedazzle, Billet, Pry, Bank, Broadcast, TV band, Bounce, Photon, Lath, Box girder, Board, Beat signal, Backside, Local oscillator signal, Weatherboard, Board, Glare, Synchronizing signal, Chop, Radio-frequency stage, Broad grin, Blaze, Lumber, Sheathing, Simper, Shortwave, Fulgurate, Temple, Reflection, Invisible radiation, Quarter, Streamer, Splat, Infrared ray, Transmitter signal, Sing, Stringpiece, Photoemission, RF echoes, Audio signal, Timberwork, Arc-boutant, Radio-frequency amplifier, Wireless, Flying buttress, Luster, Gambol, Hip, Studding, Treadle, Seat, Spar, Balk, Stringer, Smile, Buttress, Timber, Reflected signal, Wind indicator, Purlin, Crack a smile, Peavey, Flank, Display, Smirk, Outrigger, DM display, Gleam, Sign off, Lathing, Beggar description, Fanny, Scantling, Stupid grin, RF signal, Rafter, Ray of light, Shake, Sheeting, Plank, Incandesce, Pencil, Driftwood, Ray, Iron crow, Shine brightly, Corbel, Bloom, Latitude, Glitter, Sound carrier, Breastsummer, Give light, Trestle, Plate girder, Shaft, Rampart, Crow, Timbering, Jetty, Three-by-four, Knock dead, Wrecking bar, Transom, Caracole, Crank, Chirrup, Radiorays, Radar signal, Streak, Direct signal, Extent, Grinning, Softwood, Return signal, Wind sock, Crossbeam, Spread, RF amplifier, Glow, Sardonic grin, AM signal, Disseminate, Cord, Sill, Radio, Handedness, Stream of light, Wind cone, Traverse, Send out rays, Radiate, Firewood, FM signal, Posterior, Send out, Stick, Leam, Violet ray, Send, Beam, Breakwater, Hanging buttress, Shoulder, Joy, Delight, Plyboard, Batten, Joist, Timber, Paneling, Side, Coast, Jam, Deal, Rear, Rafter, Gleaming smile, Puncheon, Glare, Truss beam, Go into raptures, Glimmer, Streak, Lintel, Transverse, Flare, Shimmer, Fullness, Stave, Gleam, Radiate, Caper, Laughing, Shoot, Sprit, Sign on, Picture carrier, Be bright, Wood, Summer, Truss, Ribbon of light, Fan marker, Brace, Relay, Be pleased, Newscast, Smile brightly, Picture, Embankment, Put out, Shortwave signal, Scanning beam, Reading, Broadcast, Voltage pulse, Purr, Burn, Slab, Abutment, Claw bar, Grinning, CRT spot, Ripping bar, Width, Die with delight, Bottom, Wideness, Be in heaven, Vertical synchronizing pulse, Laterality, Cant hook, Post, X ray, Video signal, Stream, H beam, Slat, Seawall, Summertree, Many-sidedness, Equalizing pulse, Girder, Output pulse, Dance, Two-by-four, Siding, Behind, Actinic ray, Panelwork, IF signal, Stream, Crosstie, Blind, Marlinespike, Doppler signal, Buttress pier, Flare, Output signal, Joist, Glance, Clapboard, Sheathing board, Stick of wood, Pier, Angle rafter, Flare path, Stovewood, Radar beacon, Actinism, Crowbar, Ray, Groin, Tread on air, Beam of light, Double-dot display, Lathwork, Lath, Planking, Limb, Pencil, Hardwood, Hand, Hammer beam, Radiate cheer, Border, Solar rays, Chirp, Multilaterality, Unilaterality, Idiotic grin, Frolic, Radiation, Marker, Broadside, Prize, Bright look, Derriere, Romp, Shoot out rays, Plywood, Grin, Hip rafter, Return, Spar, Diffuse light, Boarding, Haunch, Beacon, Jowl, Spot, Broadness, Pedal, Atomic beam, Blips, Echo signal, Trace, Lattice girder, Transmit, Dazzle, Tie beam, Streak, Sparkle, Bulwark, Lintel, Cordwood, Twinkle, Ridge strut, Shine, Glint, Pinch bar, Patch, Ultraviolet ray, IF video signal, Radiobroadcast, Bar, Amplitude, Transom, Sportscast, Target image, Handspike, Strut, Unidirectional signal, Take great satisfaction, Skip, Radio-frequency signal, Smiling, RF stage, Batten, Can, Echo, Shine, Atomic ray, Stay, Racon, Sideboard, Span, Tie, Pylon, Breadth, Glowing smile, Return beam, Footing beam, Panelboard, Pips, Smiling, Distance across, Profile, Whistle, Pier buttress, Toothful grin, Feel happy, Gamma ray, Boom, Trave, Flash, Bright smile, Grin, Support, Sleeper, IM display, Flash, Pole, Stud, Buttressing, Lilt, Shingle, Signal display

How to use Beam in a sentence?

  1. The moon module is something that has been running as a black project with the US military for 20 years and is designed specifically for defense purposes.
  2. A beam of light exploded in front of him.
  3. Room with wooden beams in the room.
  4. Rays of satisfaction.
  5. Some construction jobs require very long blocks and you will need equipment to move them properly.
  6. The sun is shining.
  7. A light came into James' room and quickly reminded him that it was time to wake up and start climbing the mountain in the morning.
  8. Send distress signals to outdoor space.
  9. He smiled happily.
  10. The old part of the house has beautiful oak beams.

Meaning of Beam & Beam Definition