Beacon (Pinnacle) Score

Beacon (Pinnacle) Score,

What is Beacon (Pinnacle) Score?

  1. The Beacon Score, which has since become the top score, is a credit score created by the Equifax Credit Bureau to help lenders assess a person's reputation. Bacon score is a credit score determined by a complex algorithm. These numbers provide information about creditors' credit history and their ability to repay the loans they are requesting.

    • Bacon Score (or Panicle Score) is a credit scoring method developed by Equifax.
    • The exact algorithm is closely guarded, but factors such as credit history, late payments and the number of open credit lines will affect your score.
    • A high credit rating indicates to other lenders or businesses that you are at risk of credit loss, while a low credit rating may prevent you from accessing loans or charging higher interest rates.

Literal Meanings of Beacon (Pinnacle) Score


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