Be Good Or Be Good At It

Be Good Or Be Good At It

What does it mean to be good or to be good? 3

I want to keep this quote in my shell. But I'm not sure what that means. Hahaha I have an idea but I'm just wondering what you think. Thanks I love you!

It seems to have something to do with being good (obey the law, don't break the rules so you don't get in trouble) or be nice (so if you break the law / rules blame yourself Don't stop.)) Caught doing something wrong !!!

I have never heard of such a difficult meeting.

I agree with Lee and MKC. The most popular and, in my opinion, the clearest version of the saying is: Be good, and be careful if you can't be good.

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Well, think about it, the proverb I quoted often has the same meaning where being good means having nothing and being careful means avoiding unwanted pregnancies and DV. In this context, being good has a different meaning that speaks for itself. I would say that is what it means to be good. (That is, you do not, or if you do, correct it).

I think it means to be good (kind) or to be bad to be good (to do good, whatever is bad). My father always told us to be kind or careful.

Looks like you want to be a good person or a good person (which is too much for my tastes).

Be Good Or Be Good At It