Definition of Battery:

  1. A set of units of equipment, typically when connected together.

  2. A fortified emplacement for heavy guns.

  3. The crime or tort of unconsented physical contact with another person, even where the contact is not violent but merely menacing or offensive.

  4. Direct or indirect, intentional or reckless, unlawful-use of force against another person resulting in offensive contact. If an harm or injury results, it is considered a criminal offense, otherwise a tort.

  5. A container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power.

  6. The pitcher and the catcher in a game, considered as a unit.

Synonyms of Battery

Cell, Accumulator, Power unit, Violence, Assault, Mugging, Array, Set, Bank, Group, Row, Line, Line-up, Raft, Collection, Assortment, KP, Leyden jar, Accumulator, Amateur athlete, Archer, Army, Army group, Array, Artillery, Athlete, Atomic battery, Ballplayer, Baseballer, Baseman, Bastinado, Basting, Batch, Battalion, Batter, Battle group, Beating, Bells, Belting, Block, Blocking back, Body, Bones, Bowman, Brigade, Buffeting, Bunch, Bundle, Cadre, Caning, Cannon, Cannonry, Castanets, Catcher, Celesta, Cell, Center, Chime, Chimes, Clappers, Clot, Clubbing, Clump, Cluster, Coach, Coast artillery, Cohort, Column, Combat command, Combat team, Company, Competitor, Corporal punishment, Corps, Cowhiding, Crash cymbal, Cricketer, Cudgeling, Cymbals, Defensive lineman, Detachment, Detail, Division, Drubbing, Dry cell, Electronic battery, End, Field army, Field artillery, Field train, File, Finger cymbals, Flagellation, Flailing, Flak, Flogging, Flying column, Footballer, Fuel cell, Fustigation, Gamelan, Games-player, Gamester, Garrison, Glockenspiel, Gong, Guard, Handbells, Heavy field artillery, Horsewhipping, Idiophone, Infielder, Jock, Jumper, Kit, Kitchen police, Lacing, Lashing, Legion, Lineman, Lot, Lyra, Maniple, Maraca, Marimba, Metallophone, Offensive lineman, Orchestral bells, Ordnance, Organization, Outfield, Outfielder, Outfit, Pack, Percussion, Percussion instrument, Percussions, Percussive, Phalanx, Pistol-whipping, Platoon, Player, Poloist, Posse, Professional athlete, Pugilist, Quarterback, Racer, Rank, Rattle, Rattlebones, Rawhiding, Regiment, Scourging, Section, Series, Set, Siege artillery, Siege engine, Sizzler, Skater, Snappers, Solar battery, Spanking, Sport, Sportsman, Squad, Squadron, Storage battery, Storage cell, Strapping, Stripes, Suit, Suite, Swingeing, Switching, Tackle, Tactical unit, Tailback, Tam-tam, Task force, Thrashing, Tintinnabula, Tonitruone, Toxophilite, Train, Trench artillery, Triangle, Troop, Trouncing, Truncheoning, Tubular bells, Unit, Vibes, Vibraphone, Wet cell, Whipping, Wing, Wingback, Wrestler, Xylophone

How to use Battery in a sentence?

  1. Anti-aircraft missile batteries.
  2. Any act which puts a person in immediate and reasonable fear of battery.
  3. I was all excited to report on the fact Philadelphia started an all-Independent Baseball battery yesterday for its Grapefruit League game against Cleveland in Winter Haven, FL.
  4. A battery of equipment to monitor blood pressure.
  5. Battery power.

Meaning of Battery & Battery Definition

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What Does Battery Mean?

Hitting or making illegal contact with someone. The danger of using force is an attack. The main source of energy is the battery, which usually involves attacks.

Meanings of Battery

  1. A container containing one or more cells where chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as an energy source.

  2. Strong site for heavy weapons

  3. A set of units of goods, usually when connected.

  4. The crime or violation of unwanted physical contact with another person, even if that contact is not violent, but is only threatening or offensive.

  5. Pots and receivers are seen as units in the game.

  6. A historic neighborhood on the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City.

Sentences of Battery

  1. Anti-aircraft missile battery

  2. Blood pressure monitor battery

  3. Any action that causes immediate and natural fear will hurt the body

  4. He is excited to announce that Philadelphia yesterday launched a completely free baseball battery for the Grape League game against Cleveland in Winter Haven, Florida.


What is The Meaning of Battery?

  • One ■■■■ or another bad ■■■■ against someone. The threat of violence is an insult. The main source of energy is the battery, which usually involves rape.

Meanings of Battery

  1. A container containing one or more cells that converts chemical energy into electricity and is used as a source of energy.

  2. A strong place for heavy weapons

  3. A series of similar units of equipment, usually when interconnected.

  4. A series of small pens for raising livestock, especially calves and poultry.

  5. Engaging in unlawful personal violence against another person, even if the contact does not cause bodily harm.

  6. Launcher and catcher.

Sentences of Battery

  1. Camera battery

  2. Battery with blood pressure monitoring device

  3. Battery form

  4. Any action that leads a person to a direct and legitimate fear of bodily harm.

Synonyms of Battery

grievous bodily harm, ABH, striking, thumping, bashing, GBH, actual bodily harm