Batman Zodiac Sign

Batman Zodiac Sign

What is the sign of Batman? 3

So we all know that Batman / Bruce Wayne is the best superhero (IMHO), but what is your zodiac sign? I saw his mock spelling, but he doesn't know in what month he was born. She first appeared in May, but she did not look like a bull, very little Gemini. Batman doesn't look like Starius or Lee, but what do you think of his sun sign?

If I had to guess, most of them look like seeds to me. Batman completely removes almost all the positive and negative aspects of corn. By the way, I'm not Caorn. So what do you think?

I would also say that it is corn. Corn has many faces. In a day they are corporate fighters (Bruce Wayne, billionaire industrialist), otherwise they become (Batman). It has to do with the dual nature of Caorn (they are half goat, half fish).

They are good at hiding their identities and secrets. Like The Bat, they are determined and most importantly, they never give up.

Ah, like Batman, he's a lone warrior and prefers darker colors. Also, the family always comes first in Caps. Bruce Wayne didn't even become a Batman for his parents.

I don't think it's Scorpio to push other people and not react. Caps also have a greater sense of justice than most other symbols ... like bats. They also secretly help others and then disappear when others find out.

I would say that Kate Woman is a scorpion hunter. Alfred is probably still a virgin (clean and appropriate)

I do not agree.

Lis is basically the highest order, more justice.

Second, Scorpio is one of the most intimidating people who can work with easy control over emotions. Batman can do a lot like them and collect information, call people and so on. Also, as he did, he hid his pain even when people knew it was wrong with him.

Wow, I don't think so.

I personally think it's cancer. People with cancer are also very responsible people, they do their job, but they take care of others and are very stubborn in their own way. Batman's sense of justice is very different from others because he has to control almost everything. And it's like cancer, we believe they need to be controlled. (Even if it is in someone else's interest). Also, like Scorpios, they keep their emotions inside their body, but they have a way of expressing their thoughts loudly and intelligently to the people around them.

When you look at how he treats all his Ron, Batgirls and even Sponge, you will see how much he cares for his children. Something like cancer.

In one episode, he mentions Alfred that his days are only in October. Between Lee and Scorpio, I'd choose Scorpio, yes!

I can understand why some people would guess Caorn, the perpetrators.

I agree, I think he should have a lot more influence than Corn, but at the same time I think he should have a lot more influence than Lee.

I mean, look how long she's been wearing this dress! It's not corn, it's taken there. Either way, add these symbols and overall you will find a very serious and determined man fighting for justice in a flowing shroud.

Bruce Wayne / Batman is an aquarium with brown moon and Saarius or Scorpio effects.

Corn people don't invest in garbage. Scorpion, I cried all the time. Batman is an aquarium.

Batman Zodiac Sign